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Belco Pride: Celebrating 50 years of Belconnen

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Since it was first gazetted in 1966, Belconnen has certainly come a long way.

As one of the original eighteen districts of the ACT, Belconnen is now one of the fastest growing; with an established town centre, close proximity to the city and a string of restaurants, bars and apartments along its centerpiece; Lake Ginninderra.

In anticipation of the district’s impending 50th birthday next year, Belconnen Arts Centre is hosting a community celebration this Saturday, “Our Place.”

Event producer Chenoeh Miller says the free celebration will include live entertainment, workshops, markets, dance performances, exhibitions, lantern and badge making, food and a cocktail bar.

The event will also showcase home-grown musicians, with live music.

“Each musician has roots in the Belconnen area, and this free event will be a great chance to catch up on what’s happening in the local music scene including experimental, folk, rockabilly, electronic and instrumental sounds,” Chenoeh says.


The event will be hosted by the Belconnen Arts Centre.

“‘Our Place’ is a celebration of Belconnen and the Belconnen Arts Centre, and the idea behind it is to show people their local community and that there’s lots to look forward to.”

In the community exhibition Hidden Treasures in the Gallery, artists will reveal the treasures of their lives, the west and north–west neighbourhoods of the ACT or beyond, across vast seas.

“Over fifty artworks engage with the ‘hidden treasures’ theme playfully, thoughtfully, radically, or somewhere in between; exploring the people, relationships, places, adventures and environments they cherish,” Chenoeh says.

One of the other highlights of the event is an opportunity for locals to place their mark on the Belconnen map.

“People can write little notes of memories or experiences they’ve had in Belconnen and this means it’s artwork that’s been created by the community,” Chenoeh says.

“Another highlight will be the opportuinity to see Belconnen’s history light up with projections by Gareth Dunstone, John Carolan, Josh Owen, Riley Post and Jean-Philippe Demarais after dark.”

Chenoeh says she has noticed a “sense of pride” amongst the Belconnen community.

“Belconnen’s no longer considered an outer suburb now that Canberra’s spreading out a lot further with suburbs such as Gungahlin, it’s actually thought of as quite central compared to those other suburbs, so there’s lots of opportunities for people from every area to see what’s going on here,” she says.

“It’s so beautiful, the art centre’s right on the lake, and it’s pretty spectacular. The people involved in the arts centre have been so amazing, it’s great to have so much support, in every aspect.”

the essentials:
What: Our Place
Where: Belconnen Arts Centre
When: Saturday 19 September, 4-8pm
Web and program:

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