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Canberra is getting a Harry Potter store!

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Hold onto your broomsticks and gather your fellow muggles—Canberra is getting a Harry Potter store!

Yes, that’s right—Fyshwick is set to house the capital’s answer to Diagon Alley—Quizzic Alley. And we predict it will become a mecca for Potter fans, far and wide.

The creation of Canberra couple Mick and Penni (who are so far keeping their identities as secret as Professor Lupin’s alter ego), Quizzic Alley packs more surprises than a pack of Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavour Beans.

“We’re hoping to create a magical experience for the two primary groups of fans—the kids going through, reading the books and watching the movies, and also the more committed, long-term fans as well—the adults out there who love the stories and the fantastic world that is the Harry Potter universe,” says Mick.

“The Harry Potter world is an incredible piece of creative work by JK Rowling, and we look forward to really capturing the ethos of the books.”

Expect a full range of merchandise—everything from wands, toys, games, clothing, jewellery and more.  Plus there are some funky old lounges to sit in, with books, chess sets, games and more.

“You’ll be able to sit down and play some wizard’s chess or read a book, and relax a little bit while the kids are wandering around,” says Mick.

“From a retail perspective, we’re kind of going against the flow. There is no organisation. It’s a bit more like this chaos of space, where people explore it. That feeling of exploring and finding stuff is a primary component.”

Fans who yearn for a visit to Hogsmeade will be pleased to know that Quizzic Alley will be serving up their own magical beverage—Q Brew, a butterscotch and cream-flavored soft drink.

But that’s not the only surprise in store. A sky-blue Ford Anglia—just like the flying version seen in the film version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets—has landed, and it’s the perfect place for a selfie. Oh, and Mick and Penny are also working on a self-stirring cauldron. Seriously.

And if your child (or, indeed, you) have always yearned for a Harry Potter-themed birthday party, you’re in luck! From the end of September, Quizzic Alley will be hosting celebrations complete with wizarding activities, potions lessons, and a whole lot of magic.

Quizzic Alley will open in a yet-to-be-revealed Fyshwick location on 13 September. Visit to find out more or keep up-to-date on Facebook.

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