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Review: Star Trek Beyond

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The USS Enterprise crew explores the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a new ruthless enemy who puts them and everything the Federation stands for to the test. IMDb

My daughter came to a preview of this film with me and exhorted me to “write the (erm) ‘heck’ out of the review” because it is the best film she has seen this year.

I don’t know that I really need to say more than that!

It is a great, galloping space adventure and I loved it too. The first of the new generation to boldly go where the original films have not gone before, it is a new adventure, a new story – but one that fits perfectly into the universe created by Gene Roddenbury.

Congratulations to Simon Pegg (the actor playing Scotty…and creator of such comedy gold as Shaun of the Dead …and a proud geek) and Doug Jung for writing such a thrilling, story driven, and action packed adventure. Which is, at its heart, all about the crew.

With every film in the new series the actors playing the iconic roles seem to make them a little more their own, wearing the mantles a little easier but never copying what has gone before. I read that Karl Urban was reluctant to return as Bones. That would have been a great loss as his version of that character is essential to the balance between Spock and Kirk.

Both of my boys (did I just say that out loud?) are questioning their purpose in life when we meet them again, almost three years into the Enterprise’s five-year mission. The way their internal struggles are manifested externally in the foe they meet and the challenges they face is very clever. Never in-your-face, just there, underpinning the story.

The superlative Idris Elba creates a memorable antagonist in Krall and the scenes between him and Zoe Saldana’s Uhura are fiery and bold. Jaylah (the character on the poster with the stunning facial markings) is another strong, independent woman. It doesn’t take much to extrapolate an interesting back-story for her – and I would so watch that movie (maybe the Trek universe could go down the digression path like Star Wars will with the much anticipated Rogue One?)

One character will be sadly absent from the next voyage of the Enterprise, with the death of Anton Yelchin. Producers have already declared that they will not cast another actor as Chekov.

All of this character driven interest would be nothing without healthy amounts of edge of the seat thrills driving the story forward. Justin Lin has taken over from J.J. Abrams so there aren’t any lens flares, but there is plenty of high-speed fun of the Fast and Furious kind. The action is unrelenting, multi-angled and mind blowing. Whether on the harsh and realistically alien terrain of

The action is unrelenting, multi-angled and mind blowing. Whether on the harsh and realistically alien terrain of Jaylah’s planet, inside a disintegrating starship, or on a space station that combines the trippy folded reality of Inception with sci fi tech, it looks great.

Just one question for the creators – why a ‘hive’ evil? Why? In all of sci-fi hives are what creep me out the most.

Roslyn saw this film as a guest of Dendy Cinemas Canberra. Feature image via

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