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Funding Change: The Funding Network

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The Funding Network’s first ever Canberra event, which is expected to bring together 100+ Canberrans, will allow four not-for-profit organisations to pitch their companies to potential donors next Thursday evening at Vibe Hotel, Canberra Airport.

As a taste of what attendees can expect next week, the four companies joined together for a The Funding Network (TFN) “pitch coaching session” last week.

The practice session gave Global Sisters, Paperworks, Abundant Water and Malpa, the opportunity to provide some insight into their organisations by explaining why their work is so important, and what the opportunity that The Funding Network has given them means to their organisation. Here’s what they had to offer.

First up was Global Sisters – an online platform that works to provide women with the tools, networks and resources needed to turn an idea into a sustainable business.

“Global Sisters takes the ingenuity and drive of Australia’s most disadvantaged and harness it to help create profitable and sustainable business, with the aim to lift women out of poverty permanently,” explained Olivia Loadwick, Chair of Global Sisters.

Global Sisters already work closely with some women in Canberra as part of their pilot program – but they want to do more. Their aim is to involve more Canberra women in their work and ultimately work towards creating a permanent position for someone to lead their work in Canberra.

Next up was Paperworks, who are all about bringing people together through community art. Paperworks are excited to show the people of Canberra why their work is so important at the upcoming TFN event.

“We look forward to sharing with our local community the good news that through social inclusion, there is hope to prevent the physical and emotional impact of loneliness,” said Susanna Pieterse, Artistic Director of Paperworks.

Next to take the stage was Canberra-based NGO, Abundant Water, whose aim is to bring access to clean drinking water to rural communities in Lao with an innovative clay pottery filter developed and tested here in the ACT.

Abundant Water recognises that it is women in particular that would benefit from their program.

“Our program has a significant impact on women as we work to empower women as leaders in water management in their communities,” explained Jennah Robichaud, Director of Volunteering at Abundant Water.

In rural communities in places like Laos, it is often women who are tasked with the responsibility of securing clean drinking water for their families.

“Lao women spend up to 540 hours a year collecting firewood and boiling water as they try to care for the health of their families through the provision of clean drinking water. Abundant Water’s filters have reduced women’s workload by 50%, freeing up their time to undertake productive activities for their family,” said Jennah.

And finally – Malpa. Malpa is focused on improving the health of Indigenous and non-Indigenous children by teaching young people to become active health ambassadors in their communities.

“In each community, local people help to identify key health topics and are then employed to train the kids about traditional and modern health principles including hygiene, nutrition and, importantly, leadership,” explained Don Palmer, CEO of Malpa.

Malpa is excited to expand its program into Canberra for the first time and is certain that Canberrans will be empowered to join in on the new and exciting movement.

Next week’s TFN event will not only provide a powerful platform for the organisations to showcase their work but will also provide Canberrans with a unique opportunity to become involved in the innovative work of these inspiring organisations.

the essentials 

What: The Funding Network’s June Event
When: Thursday 30 June from 5.30pm for a 6.00pm start, until 8.30pm
Where: Vibe Hotel Canberra, 1 Rogan Place, Canberra Airport
Cost: $20.00 per attendee
Tickets: To purchase tickets head to www.thefundingnetwork.com.au
More information: www.thefundingnetwork.com.au

Feature image from left to right: Olivia Loadwick, Chair, Global Sisters; Jennah Robichaud, Director of Volunteering, Abundant Water; Rob Irving, Pitch Coach, The Funding Network; Susanna Pieterse, Artistic Director, Paperworks; Sammi Fatnowna, National Projects Manager, Malpa. 

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