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A weekend’s worth of Woden tastes—are you up for the Bradley Street challenge?

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Canberrans take their eating pursuits pretty seriously. And Westfield Woden’s Bradley Street dining precinct has opened an entire new portal in the city’s foodie offerings.

So we decided to set ourselves a challenge of sampling the whole precinct in one weekend. You can do what we did, or mix it up to suit your own tastes. But if you have an appetite for some of the city’s yummiest dishes, not to mention many an Instagrammable moment along the way, grab some friends and get yourself to Woden.


But first coffee.

Start the day with a bang, and by that, we mean a heavy hit of caffeine with a chaser of sugar (Nutella Latte, perhaps?). Rashays promises a family-friendly start to any weekend—and with everything from Smashed Avo to familiar-but-fancier Sausage and Egg Muffin on the menu, you’re sure to be well fuelled for whatever is on your Saturday schedule.

Did someone say loaded schnitzel for lunch?

The Bavarian takes you to Germany with European beers on tap and a menu that may challenge even the most committed eater. Do you have what it takes to get through the Bavarian Fest—an all-you-can-eat meat platter? Or would the promise of loaded schnitzels be more your style?  Even if it is just a large haus-made pretzel with butter, there’s something to suit every taste.

Clean eating options available too!

Sushi Musa is the perfect option if pork knuckle seems a little too much for a midday meal. Their selection of fresh-made sushi train or à la carte dishes including ramen and mixed sashimi sets may appeal to the clean-eating set or those who just want to pace themselves..

Dinner over a charcoal grill

Fine Korean BBQ Hanok has recently arrived in the precinct and allows you to take the culinary reins, cooking your own selection of premium Queensland Wagyu over a genuine charcoal grill. Staff are on hand if you can’t handle the heat and à la carte options are also available.

Late-night cocktails

At the end of a long day, Fenway Public House presents an ideal environment to kick back over a cocktail with friends. Open til late, Fenway has a selection of beers on tap, assorted wines (many local) and friendly bar staff ready to mix their way into your heart with the latest cocktail. Just look for the neon “we were made for each other” sign and know you’ve earned it after such a big day.


More caffeine required

Hit up San Churro for a coffee or decadent hot chocolate first thing and maybe an egg and bacon toastie to start your day (particularly if you kicked back at Fenway til the wee hours). Although we definitely wouldn’t judge if you felt it was more appropriate to consume freshly deep-fried churros dripping in chocolate while you were there.

Sunday Dumplings mandatory for lunch

Dumpling Social is a place you may need to book. The selection of modem Asian dishes traverses cheeseburger spring rolls to cauliflower nuggets with yuzu ranch dressing. Everything on the menu is sublime, which means demand can be high for a table.

Stop! Super Bao Time

Of course, if dumplings aren’t your jam, a quick and tasty bao from the Super Bao shipping container may be just the ticket. Known for their bao-gers—basically the lovechild of a burger and the taco-shaped Gua Bao (Taiwanese steamed bun), we can highly recommend the Kungpo Chicken Bao-ger with crispy fried chicken covered in Kung Po sauce and layered with lettuce, tomato, onion rings, pickles, crushed cashew nuts and aioli—all inside the fluffy bao-ger bun.

Did someone say burger?

But if you want to drill down into burger territory specifically, Grill’d is your place. You can choose from an almost dizzying array of chicken, lamb, beef, and wagyu burgers—and not one, but 14, vegetarian options of which seven are vegan. That’s plant-based representation right there.

End on a Greasy note

Thank heavens southsiders now have their own permanent Grease Monkey because things were getting hectic in Braddon. You know the Greasy’s drill—supremely delicious burgers and Detroit-style pizza with the crispiest cheesiest edges. What a way to end the weekend.

The Essentials

What: Westfield Woden’s Bradley Street Dining Precinct
Where: Bradley Street, Woden
Web: westfield.com.au

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