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Canberra cafes to write in

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When HerCanberra reader Betsy wrote to us requesting an article on cafes to write in, we were happy to oblige! 

We took to our HerCanberra writers community find out what cafes fit the bill of ‘a good writing spot’. What is a good writing spot, you may ask? We decided that potential spots might include accommodating wait staff, large servings of tea, access to power points, big or shared tables, natural light, low noise and free wifi.

As for etiquette around working in cafes, if you’re planning to set up camp, be decent to the people working there and order a meal or at least a coffee or two.

If the cafe is busy, it’s always worth chatting to the waitstaff and flagging that you’re hoping to get some work done.

Who knows, they might even have some great tips for you like where hidden powerpoints are, where the quietest table is or that they’re expecting a large noisy group in later.

Bookplate. Credit: Ashley St George

Bookplate. Credit: Ashley St George

“Bookplate at the National Library has wi-fi, good food and great coffee and you never feel pressured to clear off.” – Astrid

“Two Before Ten in Aranda and in the city are always very relaxed.” – Belinda

Two Before Ten. Image: Tim Bean Photography.

Two Before Ten. Image: Tim Bean Photography.

“Tilley’s for the nostalgia, Bookplate for the literary surrounds.” – Emma

“Monster for me! Free wifi and you could literally camp there all day…and then there’s the Bahn Mi!” – Amanda

Monster. Photo by Javier Steel

Monster. Photo by Javier Steel

“I love ONA on the Lawns – free wifi and you can sit on the bench along the window or in the sunshine outside. Obviously great coffee as well!” – Ashleigh

“Tilley’s is great – they don’t have wifi but if you’re hot spotting it’s not too bad!” – Nip



“Bittersweet in Kingston has good food and great coffee (roasted on site by their counterpart Highgate Lane Coffee Roasters) are more secluded tables to the right of the counter down the back.” – Astrid

“The A Baker Courtyard in NewActon is absolutely beautiful in autumn and Harvest in the city is a cosy little spot for a quick bit of work or reading. It’s pretty hectic in the morning but come 11am it’s super chilled.” – Beatrice

What’s your favourite cafe to write in? Let us know in the comments!

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