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First Look: The Goods

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It’s a common conundrum. It’s 12pm, you’re starving and your carefully prepared leftovers were forgotten in the fridge at home.

Now you have half an hour to find a takeaway option that’s affordable, close and ideally, well, delicious. ‘Summer bodies are made in winter’ you say to yourself as you set off in search for a healthy option that won’t leave you with greasy 3pm regrets.

It’s an all too familiar scenario for many city office workers and one that Klarisa Cengic is hoping to remedy with her new City West eatery – The Goods. The co-founder of Braddon’s 80/20 (along with her sister Tihana Ravanparsa) says she is ready for a new challenge.


“I love [80/20] but I wanted something more, to be able to offer more,” she explains. “I feel like there are so many cafés—fantastic cafés—around that side of town, but no dedicated healthy option.”

Klarisa explains that The Goods will offer a wholesome, fresh menu that she hopes will tick all the boxes with many of the city’s office workers.

“You’ll walk in and you’ll be hit with a salad bar,” she explains. “All the salads will be plant-based and potentially vegan and you’ll be able to add proteins.”

She explains that this is because she’s seen first hand how being mindful of people’s dietary requirements and eating habits can elevate a business’ reputation.

“I’ve learned so much from 80/20 and there are so many people out there with dietary requirements—or who might be trying to eliminate certain foods—so we want to cater to all types of people. All the salads will also be gluten free too, which is a big one.”

These salads will be the main focus of both the menu and the cafe in general—Klarisa admits that their 50 square metre space won’t allow for much more—but they will be serving coffee as well as smoothies, cold pressed juice and healthy treats and baked goods.

“We’ll do a light breakfast option too,” says Klarisa. “Not a full-service kitchen like 80/20 but things like toast with toppings. We just want to give people something that’s easy and not too heavy.”

As for the space itself, Klarisa explains that it will be fresh, clean and white with Victorian ash timber and some greenery—designed to showcase their food offerings first and foremost.


Yes, the cafe will surely become a regular for those who love a healthy lifestyle—but don’t get the wrong idea—The Goods won’t be the kind of space where healthy eating is a boring, regimented practice.

“We don’t want people to take it too seriously, ‘must eat salad every day’ sort of thing,” laughs Klarisa. “It’s hard enough for people to understand what they’re meant to be doing—eat this, don’t eat that!”

“All we want people to do is eat more plants. If we can get more vegetables in your life, that’s a great result.”

While The Goods won’t be opening until “August-ish”, you can keep up with their progress on their Instagram.

the essentials

What: The Goods
Where: No Name Lane, under Canberra House, 40 Marcus Clarke Street, City West
When: Opening soon, check their Instagram for updates

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