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Local Loves: The Milonga Sweet Things

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Oh. My. Milonga. Meet the South American sweet treat you never knew you needed—until now.

What’s caramelly and chocolatey and sweet all over? An alfajor, of course!

Confused? Don’t worry—I hadn’t heard of them either until I got an email from The Milonga Sweet Things.

Established by Agustina Martin and partner Juan Guarino “just a month ago”, The Milonga Sweet Things is Canberra’s newest purveyor of sweet treats —and you better believe they’re delicious.

Originally from Argentina, Agustina and Juan’s new venture started in the midst of COVID, when they were feeling the urge to give back to their new home.

“The Milonga Sweet Things came up when we started to wonder what we could do to give Canberrans back the hospitality and warmth they gave us when we first arrived here,” explains Agustina. “And that’s when I started cooking a traditional treat from Argentina that brought us joy and a lot of memories, hoping to bring the same joy to other people.”

That treat is an alfajor—an Argentinian dessert created by sandwiching dulce de leche caramel between two shortbread-style cookies and then dipping the whole thing in chocolate. Drooling yet? We were.

“On its own, the cookie might not be much to write home about,” says Agustina, (although we have to disagree—even the cookies alone would be delicious). “But when filled with our creamy dulce de leche the result is an almost shortbread-like dough that melts in your mouth when you bite into it.”

Sold in boxes of six, each alfajor comes wrapped in cute packaging, so they’re perfect for sharing in COVID times. There are three classic flavours—milk chocolate, white chocolate and traditional, which is without the chocolate coating—and they’ve recently launched a ‘special collection’, which includes walnut, peanut and dark chocolate alfajors.

The Milonga offers contactless delivery and employs strict hygiene practices in their production process.


What: The Milonga Sweet Things
Phone: 0473817984
Email: hello@themilonga.com.au
Website: themilonga.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/themilonga
Instagram: @the.milonga


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