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Get Crackin’ is pumping out loaded brownie slabs and pour some sugar on me

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The Get Crackin’ team has switched gears from Brûlée to Brownie Slabs and they are the stuff our sweet lockdown dreams are made of.

Remember Get Crackin’ Crème Brûlée? Before this spoilsport of a pandemic hit, it was the darling of the street food scene, serving up little pots of crème brûlée with a fresh vanilla bean base and brittle caramel toffee.

Mars Bar Brownie Slab

Well, it’s switched gears and is now crafting fully-loaded brownie slabs and they are the perfect balm for the lockdown blues.

Available in six flavours—Triple Choc, Caramel Overload, Mars Bar, Cookies & Cream, Peanut Butter, and White Chocolate—orders open every Saturday and close at 8pm on Wednesday night. They’re available for delivery or contactless pick-up from Beard on Friday.

Triple Choc Brownie Slab

So how do you get your hot little hands on some?

Simply order online at But you’d better get crackin’ (see what I did there?) because numbers are limited.

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