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First Look: Zeus Street Greek

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A feast fit for the gods.

I had the pleasure of snagging a table for the very first lunch service at Zeus Street Greek and let me tell you Canberra, you won’t be disappointed.

The flagship Canberra store is conveniently situated on Genge Street in the city and is a welcome addition to the growing area, which seems to be bustling with Canberra foodies venturing beyond the Braddon boundaries.

This was especially evident when it hit midday and the line for a table was out the door (on their first day!).

Traditional in their philosophy, edgy in their practices, Zeus prioritises integrity, taste, quality and customer satisfaction. The family owned restaurant sources fresh produce, uses traditional cooking methods and incorporates family recipes. They also pride themselves on the customer involvement regarding the dishes featured on the menu. Based on customer feedback, the menu saw the addition of fish, extra spice and the popular, speciality chips.


Food lovers, we can all take a collective gasp at some of the dishes featured on the menu.

How do Baklava ice cream sandwiches, soft shell crab pitas and feta and oregano chips sound? *Cue gasp now*. You’ll also notice that Zeus’ Pita range is extensive. The range features no less than eight different pitas, each with unique flavour combos.

Customers can also choose from salads, dips and, of course, traditional Greek sides such as haloumi, calamari and feta filo fingers among other delicious options.

The restaurant’s side dishes are light and fresh, making them the perfect addition to the heartier, meaty mains. The desserts are ideal for the Canberran sweet tooth, featuring honey, chocolate, ice cream, cheese (yes, cheese) and filo pastry.

For those looking for a healthier option, the Spartan Box is the way to go. The box features customers’ choice of meat, served with fresh, wholesome sides. The dishes are designed with the intention of sharing, so gather your urban tribe (although from what we’ve seen so far, you may want to book).

Zeus Canberra 3

The atmosphere of the eatery is casual and practical but trendy and lively with cute touches like the many brightly tiled surfaces. The interior is flooded with natural light from the huge windows facing Cooyong Street, which complement the beautiful wood accents used throughout.

The large, abstract lights are the heroes of the space and complete the chic, industrial feel. The decor is a tribute to an authentic Greek kitchen and facilitates the traditional cooking methods.


With a functional space and yummy kids menu, Zeus ideal for families. The location, the fast and fresh menu, the licensed bar and the timely, casual meals make it ideal for public servants and the ‘open late’ operating hours, central location, affordable prices, beer on tap and the hearty yet fresh dishes make it ideal for uni students and young professionals also.

Zeus Canberra 4

To top it all off, on Saturday 25 February Zeus will be giving away free (yes, free) Souvla as a grand opening gift to the capital. The event, named “I LOVE FREE SOUVLA” will have us all screaming “I LOVE ZEUS STREET GREEK” in no time I’m sure.

Zeus Canberra_3

the essentials

What: Zeus Street Greek – Canberra City
Where: S7, 21 Genge Street, Canberra
When: Opens Thursday 16 February 11.30am-9.30pm
Home delivery coming soon
Web: www.zeusstreetgreek.com.au/location/canberra-city
Facebook: www.facebook/ZeusStreetGreekCanberraCity

The author and her companion dined courtesy of Zeus Street Greek however their opinions remain their own. 

Images: Supplied

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