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Future Generation: Gina Ciancio

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It has only been just shy of three years since Gina Ciancio decided to follow her heart – looking beyond the Public Service and into the world of interior design.

Building a new home and giving birth to Patrick along the way did not slow her down as she began her Style Curator blog and engaged a social media tribe with her minimalist, but always inviting, aesthetic.

Style Curator has now cemented itself as an interiors inspo site nationally. Gina has amassed over 25,000 social media followers and the blog receives 50,000 clicks a month. Meanwhile, she’s just been selected as Foxtel’s Lifestyle Home Influence – signing up to deliver content to a 2-million-plus audience.


Gina collaborates with an increasing number of well-known brands while also growing a private client list reliant on her for inspired design ideas. You’d imagine there’s barely enough hours in the day to tweak the final stages of her own knock-down and rebuild with husband Bruno. Yet most days you will see a perfectly framed and inviting domestic scene from their home, showing us that there is always room for beauty in a busy life.

What is the one interior trend you would like to erase from the face of the earth tomorrow?

Most trends have a time and a place although when anything is done in excess or people won’t let them go, that’s when I start feeling like they need to die! I’m talking about things like marble and copper imitation which saturated interiors. And then there’ll always be trends that make me cringe like suede feature walls.

Conversely, if you could have one major piece delivered to your home today, what would it be?

Something I would love in my home is a contemporary and minimalist sofa from the ‘Carmo’ range by BoConcept.

Why do people need the services of an interior designer?

Most people want their homes to reflect their personality and be an extension of who they are but simply following an approach of buying what you love without any clear plan can lead to interiors that feel disjointed or lacking. Interior stylists and designers can interpret your brief and deliver something that represents just what you want in a more refined way. I love seeing the reaction on clients’ faces when they see the finished space.


How assertive do you have to be in guiding someone to redecorate their home?

Fortunately, most people come to me because they connect with my style and will offer me a lot of freedom – often I’m just given a budget and can go ahead and make selections and redecorate on behalf of the client. Of course, there’s a consultation before and I always check I’ve understood the brief correctly before making purchases!

There are generally constraints like certain furniture pieces that need to stay. If I see something that’s really not fitting, I will discuss it with the client – if there’s a sentimental attachment – I’ll work with them to find the best spot for it in the home (sometimes a mix of old and new looks great if it’s balanced right) or if it’s simply because of budget constraints, I’ll suggest a staged approach where down the track it could be sold and replaced.

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Photography by Martin Ollman

This article originally appeared as part of our Future Generation editorial in Magazine: Future for Winter 2017, available for free while stocks last. Find out more about Magazine here


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