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The Law and You

The Law and You: Contravention of orders

You have orders or an agreement on an issue you’ve been facing with your...

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The Law and You: Dividing specialty items during divorce

In general, Australians are marrying at a later age, living together before marriage and...

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The Law and You: Same sex marriage and Wills

It was a big day in Australia on 9 December 2017 when same sex...

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The Law and You: Children and passports – parental consent

If you want to get an Australian passport for your child, you can apply...

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When a will becomes a won’t

It’s the stuff of Hollywood legends. Someone dies, and their will becomes a hotly-contested...

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How to cope with delays in the Family Law Court system

If you know someone recently involved in family law litigation you’ve probably heard them...

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Full compensation after a road accident currently on the line

Do you understand the changes being proposed to the ACT’s Compulsory Third Party Insurance...

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The challenges of trying to solve your own legal problems without expert advice

Marriage or relationship breakdown is a stressful and uncertain time. Emotions run high and...

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