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You know it’s summer in Canberra when…

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Summer in Canberra is a joyous time.

Everyone’s celebrating that winter is finally over, the days get longer and holidays are imminent. But there are a few characteristics that really make the season unique. Here are a few ways you just know it’s summer in Canberra….

1. Everyone finally stops complaining about the cold and starts complaining about the heat instead.


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2. That friend with the pool suddenly becomes super popular. Same with that guy who has the house on the South Coast.


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3. If someone wants to catch up and it’s not at one of the shopping centres, movie theatres, galleries or freezer section of your local supermarket, you’re not going (because #airconditioned).


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4. People get really excited that it’s finally hot and pretty much wear nothing at all, and that’s ok.


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5. When Canberra is as empty as a post-apocalyptic movie set (because everyone is in Batemans Bay).


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6. Your diet pretty much consists of ice cream, and you’re ok with it.


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7. Every time you step outside, it becomes an all-out war between you vs the mosquitos, spiders and flies.


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8. You die just a little when you put on your seatbelt after your car’s been in the sun all day. #scorched


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9. When the Summernats dust cloud appears over EPIC


10. The gelato guy starts greeting you by name.


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11. You wonder whether thongs are acceptable footwear for a night out.


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12. Retail staff have a “don’t screw with me” look about them and we don’t blame them, because we know they had to listen to Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” approximately 10,000 times a day in the lead-up to December.


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13. The people who booked their South Coast holiday in advance have a smug look, while the rest are desperately searching

(but guess what, if you stay in Canberra there’s still loads to do – check out our list here!).


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