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Five beauty hacks for autumn

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From contouring to highlighting, curling lashes to eyelash extensions, the smoky eye, the bold lip, beach waves, the top knot…

It might seem that we have reached beauty overload, but I just don’t think we’ve peaked yet, as scary as that sounds.

Now not all of us have a dedicated glam squad to create the perfect cheekbone with some brushes and a couple of makeup pots – I’m looking at you Kim Kardashian. So I’ve found five tricks beauty experts and makeup artists swear by, to offer some everlasting tips to help you retain your sanity in front of the mirror and help you nail autumn beauty trends.




Kendall Jenner is the makeup black sheep of the family. She (well, her makeup artist) doesn’t go full contour, preferring the more natural look, but it’s what’s done to get those full lashes that’s so simple, yet so smart. She uses two mascaras – one for volume and one for length. I mean really, who said we could only have one at a time? Perfect for layering up now that we’re less concerned about our mascara coming off at the pool or the beach.


While we’re on the topic of mascara, how many times have you done your eyeshadow, succeeded with your eyeliner and then applied mascara only to get black on your lids? As the months get cooler (and most importantly, less humid!) you can start to get more confident with your mascara and this is how you prevent the dreaded smudge.

Use a card (a business card size) and put it over your lid for protection while you apply your mascara. Anything that doesn’t go on the lashes, won’t mess up your eye makeup. What a nifty card trick.



Now put your hands up if you wish you had just five more minutes in the bathroom every morning? Well, facial mist is coming to your rescue. Forget applying onto a cotton pad – just spray and go.

Face sprays come in types of toners and hydraters and there’s something for all skin types. They set pretty quickly too and can go on under or over makeup. Some of the moisture mists will be perfect for autumn days when you’re looking a little dry.



A spray of a different kind, sea salt spray is the go-to for beachy waves, but some say it leaves their hair a little on the dry, crunchy side. Plus, beachy waves are summer’s calling card.

If you prefer a more natural ‘all-seasons’ look, that’s where sugar spray comes in. It also enhances your curls but contains sugar cane extract that is super moisturising, while adding a bit of texture.


Staying with hair, Jen Atkin is stylist to the stars including the Kardashians, Emma Stone and Chrissy Teigen and she says after you wash your locks, you should be using a cotton t-shirt to dry it, rather than a towel.

Hair is weaker when it’s wet so wrapping it in a heavy towel is more likely to pull, resulting in breakage. Investing in a lighter microfibre towel is another way to protect your hair and reduce frizz. You should also never rub your hair, but be gentle and squeeze out any excess water.

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