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Braddon’s newest apartment hot spot

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The transformation of Braddon from industrial precinct to Canberra’s most creative commercial hub has been swift and dramatic. And now everyone wants a piece of the action – not to mention the real estate.

But a new commercial and residential development promises something a little different – an apartment building that celebrates the industrial heritage that makes Braddon so special.

And with it comes the promise of new shops and restaurants on Mort Street, activating the quieter of the two streets.

The Gallery is a new boutique 54-unit development which is due for completion in August next year. Perched atop two levels of commercial space, The Gallery features a range of 1 & 2 bedroom, single level apartments & a number of 1, 2 & 3 bedroom double-storey lofts.

Designed by Cox Architects, developed by the Blackett Development Group and built by CBS Commercial, the development is backed by 35 years of local experience, with Blackett’s Development Manager Adam Howarth saying one of the biggest design factors was promoting the industrial feel of old Braddon throughout the building’s façade.


“Braddon has come from industrial roots, so we really wanted to incorporate that industrial heritage into how the development looks and feel at the front entrance and in the public areas. Internally we are providing the highest-quality contemporary finishes.”

The front of the development will showcase massive perforated steel sun protection screens, with an abundance of brick and timber to give the atrium a modern warehouse feel.

“We want it to look dramatic and we think we will definitely achieve that.”

A massive internal courtyard will provide some lush landscaping and a meeting hub for apartment dwellers as well as those enjoying the new shops and restaurant. It also allows all of the apartments to take advantage of cross-flow ventilation.

“This has been a major selling point because it means every apartment will be able to breathe, and there is no risk of that problem of stuffy apartment air.”


Adam noted that another selling point was the apartments were just off Lonsdale Street. So while the best of Canberra’s cafés and restaurants were just metres away, the hustle of the street was avoided.

The residential foyer, meanwhile, had been designed as something of a sanctuary, providing a warm and welcoming meeting point with an eye to fostering community among residents.

The Gallery is the latest in a string of successful developments for Cox Architects, which have Mode 3 on Lonsdale Street, Element at the Kingston Foreshore and Campbell 5 under their belt.


Blackett has developed a number of residential projects across Canberra but are excited to put their stamp on an iconic strip of the city.

“Braddon is really where it is at in terms of promoting Canberra’s reputation nationally. It’s key to selling Canberra as a cosmopolitan city. So we feel a responsibility to add to that reputation and to that growth.”

For residents, the benefits of location are clear – they get a slice of the heartland of what is arguably the city’s liveliest neighbourhood. Forget public transport options as Braddon will make walking or cycling to work a breeze. It also brings with it a wealth of socialising opportunities without the hassle of having to go far to get home.

In fact, it feels like Braddon has reached self-sufficiency. You can buy everything from the latest local and national fashion labels, art, furniture, freshly baked bread, boutique beer brews and even organic fruit and vegetables at a wooden crate stand outside Autolyse Bakery.

And you need never make your own substandard coffee again.

As competition for a chance to set up home above the hipster strip increases, The Gallery will provide two levels of commercial space topped by five levels of sophisticated living in a slice of the inner-city that ticks all the boxes.

Work on the site began last month but already 33 of the 54 units have been sold.

Find out more about The Gallery here. This is a sponsored post. Read our Sponsored Post Policy for more information.

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