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FASHFEST 2016 Night Two: Praxis and Limina

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I had the most fun tonight out of any FASHFEST show.

There was a certain lightness in the room. Well into its fourth year, FASHFEST has confidently established itself as the leading fashion event in Canberra. For me, the heart of FASHFEST has always been about showcasing and celebrating local creativity. As a dynamic meeting point of fashion, music, film and culture, FASHFEST has done just that in 2016.

If you’re keen to attend the closing night shows tonight, you can still buy tickets here.


To the sounds of Nico Lupo, James Anthony and Nate Zin, some of our favourite stores from Canberra Centre kicked off Friday night with a well tailored bang. The sequencing was tight and the looks fresh, summery and colourful and these established brands




















Throughout the second show, the energy was one of celebration. The music went a long way in creating this mood. Neonhoney’s songs were groovy (she has a great voice!). DJ Cheese remixed classic dance tunes like Uptown Funk and Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. It’s just as well that Day 2’s theme was Limina, which is intended to capture the special moments that we celebrate in the clothes we wear.

The word ‘liminal’ also means to take up a position on both sides of a boundary. This very much embodied the designs that made its way down the runway in Show Two.


This brand needs little introduction. An iconic Canberra label, Zilpah Tart is known for wearable, feminine dresses in bold prints inspired by Canberra landscapes, be it our autumn leaves or a spectacular sunset caught over the lake.

This collection did a great job at remaining true to the spirit of the brand while pushing the boundaries through asymmetry and panelling. Beautiful blues and pastels are perfect for the hot weather coming up (hopefully!).

Stunning floral headpieces by Peonynpearl added an undeniable ‘wow’ factor!




I got serious goddess vibes for every single dress in this collection. The use of sheer, flowing fabrics make them ethereal, and yet the silhouettes are a bold celebration of the feminine form.

The colours ranged from black to nude to bordeaux and white, yet every dress explored the liminal space of tenderness and strength.



A fantastic debut collection by a young woman who’s only 17! Loose jackets with fitted dresses, rose gold accents and gold sequins created both an athletic and sexy vibe, overall producing an interesting blend of moods in the clothes.

The origami finale gown showed Charly’s love of craftsmanship and it was incredible. This girl is one to watch.



M.J. Bale

There is something so dashing about a confident man in a tailored suit. I loved the collection, because it ranged from very classic monochrome suits to bold, outrageous colour combinations and prints.

I personally don’t know how they made a navy double-breasted suit look so modern, but they did! The sheer range of the collection is impressive, showing that the label really caters for different moods and personalities in their customers.


Canberra Vintage Collective

I love vintage clothes. I love the nostalgia, the stories, the romance – oh, don’t get me started. I really enjoyed this collection put together by the CVC.

From wiggle dresses to red polka dots to mens’ chimney sweep hats and argyle sweaters, I felt transported as the models walked down the runway. This show also told its story beautifully and celebrated the era of the clothes.

The swing choreography at the end was surprising and it just delighted the audience to see all kinds of models dancing and looking fabulous in their vintage finds. One of my favourite FASHFEST runway moments.



Kira Pizzingrilli


Limina is a very appropriate word to describe this collection. The colours, ranging from white, orange to pastel pinks and blues, created this feeling of happy, soft summer days.


Yet, the silhouettes in this collection were daring, as enhanced by the nymphlike hair and makeup in some of the models. A cool juxtaposition of different elements, making this a perfect choice for FASHFEST Night Two.

Naomi Peris Bridal


Feminine, glamorous wedding gowns. What stood out for me are the bohemian elements in some of them, be in the feathers or the broderie anglaise-style fabric.


It’s perfect for those who want to create an effortless kind of glamour on their big day. Beautiful way to end the beautiful Limina show for 2016.


Feature image of Zilpah Tart and Peonynpearl by Martin Ollman. All other images by Bronwen Stead.

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