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Hold Cottage: the transformation begins

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Hold Cottage’s bedrooms and living room are given the IKEA treatment—creating an inviting country cottage with a touch of Scandi chic.

Last week, we brought you the story behind Hold Cottage—a 100-year-old country  cottage in Gunning being transformed into stunning home filled with olde worlde charm and modern finishes with a little help from IKEA.

In today’s instalment, we get stuck into the makeover. Each week, we’ll cover a different zone—first up, the bedrooms and living room.


Owners Belinda Neame and Tim Bean say they wanted to create “a well-considered ‘homely’ feel in the cottage with a mix of repurposed and modern pieces that would not only speak to the cottage’s heritage but bring the space into the 21st century.”

First things first, a lick of white paint throughout to open up the space and bring out the stunning high, pressed ceilings and double-hung windows and provide a neutral base to work with.

“We’ve utilised a neutral palette to prevent big, expensive changes when we want to update or add a colour—naturals, whites, grey and blues with hints of black is what we are weaving through all the rooms,” explains Belinda.

“I think it’s always good to work with colours that you are naturally drawn to. This just makes the whole process come together without too many doubts.”

The cottage exudes a calm and relaxed vibe with a hint of luxury and loads of detail, Tim and Belinda drawing from IKEA’s large range of accessories, including throw rugs, floor lamps, light fittings, floor rugs, storage baskets, to achieve the look.


“I am texture-obsessed, and this was a central focus for the makeover” says Belinda.

“Natural fibres such as wool, linen, wood, cotton and dried leaves/branches from the back yard have played an essential part in creating the cottage’s homely vibe.”


When it comes to the bedroom, the centrepiece is always going to be the bed itself. Belinda and Tim wanted something beautiful to anchor each space, and they wanted it to be versatile, choosing ESPEVÄR slatted bed bases in white with BRYNILEN bed legs in oak (20cm), instead of a bed frame. They also used PARLMALVA and GOKART mattress protectors to cover the MYRBACKA mattresses.

“It’s easier to change bed linen than a whole bed frame when you want to update your space 12 months down the track! You can also get creative using art and dried flower arrangements that can be changed regularly when you want to change things up.”

Belinda got creative with IKEA’s BILD poster, Flowers using the FULLFÖLJA roll of tape, in grey black and white to add some whimsical art next to the beds.

The beds are luxe and plump, styled with oversized bed linen—the ANGSLILJA quilt cover set in white, GULVED bedspread in natural, STRIMLÖNN throw in grey and JOFRID throw in dark blue-grey all layered to create something you just want to sink into.

The couple added lots of pillows, covering FJADRAR cushion pads with AINA cushion covers in dark grey and URSULA cushion covers in grey, to create a feeling of warmth and luxury. Clashing prints with coverlets and pillowcases add interest.

The layering continues as you cast your eye around the rooms.

“As the house has floorboards throughout, we have also added floor rugs for comfort—we love the natural texture of the LOHALS rug—and piled SNIDAD baskets with VÅRELD bedspreads for those cooler nights,” says Belinda.

IKEA’s ever-verstatile FROSTA stools work as streamlined side tables, and “ghastly” chandelier light fittings have been replaced by the modern industrial HEKTAR pendant lamp—immediately making the rooms feel more contemporary.


Because Hold Cottage is destined for life as an AirBnB, Tim and Belinda chose a one-piece, oversized couch in a soft grey tone with a big weave fabric for the living room—big enough to fit everyone who might stay.

“It brings a relaxed and homely vibe to the space and is the perfect style of couch to lounge on in front of the open fireplace,” says Belinda.

IKEA accessories proved the perfect accompaniment.

“We added visual interest by using FJADRAR cushion pads with AINA cushion covers in dark grey and white-and-dark grey-striped INGALILL cushion covers—the combination of tones and patterns really lifts the solid colour of the couch.”

“We again used the gorgeous LOHALS rug, which pairs so beautifully with the STOCKHOLM 2017 rattan armchair and cushion in Röstånga white, beneath the window.”

A simple STRIMLÖNN throw in grey, HEKTAR floor lamp in dark grey, and striking artwork brings it all together—an inviting country cottage with a touch of Scandi chic.

This is a sponsored post, brought to you in partnership with IKEA.

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