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Five resort-style loungers to put on your Christmas list

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La Niña might have put a literal dampener on the start of summer, but nothing can dampen our excitement about the long, warm days stretching out ahead of us.

Many of us are likely craving a dreamy, tropical getaway of some sort, but with the state of the world, that’s not as easy as it once was. But every day could feel like you’ve been whisked away on a tropical vacay if you set up your outdoor area with the ultimate resort-style lounger.

Here are five sun loungers from local outdoor furniture specialists Burning Log which we’d be pretty keen for Santa to drop off this year:

Atlantic Adirondack Teak Chair

Not everyone has a lot of outdoor space to work with, and when you don’t, this teak Adirondack chair does the trick. If you’ve never sat in an Adirondack chair before, they’re a whole lot more comfy than they look. There’s something about the wide armrests, tall slatted back, and sunken seat that makes it feel like you’re nestled in a bit of a cocoon. For extra comfort, add the Atlantic Teak Footstool. These are currently available for pre-order from Burning Log.

Provence Outdoor Sunlounger

Slightly moving up the cosy scale is this aluminium sunlounger with a soft, full-length cushion, that’s just made for getting stuck into a novel, or topping up your vitamin D levels.

The lightweight aluminium frame and wheels mean it’s easy to move around and reposition, whether you’re chasing the sun or a bit of shade.

Hampton Teak Outdoor Chaise

This stunning, rustic-style sunlounger wouldn’t be out of place in a stylish lounge room, and brings a serious dose of glam to any outdoor area.

The hardy chaise lounge features stunning cross back frames crafted from recycled teak, so each one has its own unique character.

The best bit? The Sunbrella fabric used on the cushions is water, mildew and fade resistant, so you can leave the cushions on the sunlounger ready for a cheeky relax at any given moment.

Lotus Wicker Daybed

Add some elegance to your outdoor space, and a seriously cosy nook to enjoy, with this wicker daybed. Crawling into the egg-shaped cocoon and stretching out on the super comfortable cushion will feel like a holiday in itself.

The fabric on the cushions has a beautiful soft, indoor feel, but don’t be alarmed: it’s super durable and hardy, and is also water, mildew and fade resistant.

Cabana Aluminium Daybed

Have you ever been on holidays and kept eyeing off that cabana in the optimal pool-side spot, but no matter how early you got to the pool, you could never quite manage to snag it for yourself? Well, there’ll be no fighting for the prime spot when you have your very own cabana in your backyard.

Whether it sits pride of place next to your pool, nestled in a leafy garden, or perched in a prime spot on a balcony, this Cabana daybed will bring you hours of resort-style living at home. The super comfy, oversized base cushion allows plenty of space to share with others, or just spread out yourself.

Thanks to the French Sunbrella Outdoor Fabric, you’ll have a cosy outdoor nook, out of the sun, to snooze, read, have a drink or just watch the world go by. Now all you need is your own personal cocktail waiter.


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