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Home Stories: Hairul and Beck Lutfi

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This week it’s all about focus, as Ashley and Cass visit the minimalist Red Hill duplex of Hairul and Beck Lutfi.

I really like being around people who are busy, mostly because they always make time for others.

Hairul and Beck Lutfi are a perfect example. Self-propelling do-ers that had plenty on their schedule that Sunday morning—including their daughter’s eighth birthday party—but they still made time for Cass and me to drop in. That kind of gesture made our visit to their home in Red Hill even more special.

Hairul, Beck and their three children were all smiles when we turned up. They welcomed us into an ultra-modern duplex with lots of light, open spaces, polished surfaces and high ceilings.

As with all busy people, a lot gets done in a short period of time. Before we even made it into the living room, we had already covered all the common acquaintances, their work and their reasons for picking this home. All this without a hint of rush.

Hairul owns a business tax and advisory firm which he started to help businesses succeed, and he now travels often to see his expanding clients in Sydney and Melbourne.

Beck works in the public service and between the two of them, they have their hands full with three little ones who have taken on more extracurricular activities than the amount of Home Stories I’ve written—trust me, it’s plenty.

But that wasn’t enough, so the couple decided to sell their home and look for a new adventure, of course, just as COVID hit.

“We’re in an interesting spot in our lives right now,” says Hairul. “We love the Canberra life and the people we have here. This will always be HQ, but the business is pulling us towards Melbourne or Sydney. We also want to give the kids a thirst for adventure by travelling with them when that is viable again.”

Hairul also added that they don’t want to make the final decision too quickly as it will have a big impact on their family. So, for the time being, they are focussing on their kids and renting the home to work out their best choice.

“However, we love change so much that we keep shifting the furniture and décor around just to make things fun!” added Beck.

As you can probably see from Cass’ photos, the couple’s style is clean and minimal, which probably makes shifting things around a breeze.

I can really relate, having many times been caught by my fiancée moving items around the house until eventually she got tired of it and threatened to rearrange my alphabetised record collection. I was a good boy from then on.

Busy people, busy lives, with plenty of room for others. If someone asks if you’re busy, you could say the same thing Hairul did when we asked him for a Home Story visit—”I’m not busy for you!”.












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Photography: Cass Atkinson

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