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Home Stories: Holly Komorowski

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This week on Home Stories, Ashley pays a visit to real estate agent Holly Komorowski’s country home and finds out that home is where the heart is relaxed.

Do you ever try and predict what someone’s home would look like from the way they present themselves publicly? I do and look, it’s okay—there’s no need to feel judge-y if you do too. It’s healthy to have an interest in other people, as long as you’re not spending time with binoculars in the bushes.

Personally, I love how people’s homes give you an insight into their personalities and lives, proving that we’re all human beings with depth beyond our careers or public personas.

Clearly this intro has a lot of relevance to the experience photographer Cass and I had when we visited Holly Komorowski’s home.

If you’re even slightly interested in the Canberra property market, then you would have come across Holly’s real estate agency, Home By Holly. Three years ago, Home By Holly brought a fresh approach to Canberra’s real estate industry—one that has been very successful.

So, what kind of home do you presume Holly would have?

Judging from her chic, minimal branding, the properties she sells and her personal style, perhaps you’d assume home is a place in Canberra’s Inner North, abundant in heritage and charm, yet renovated to modern perfection?

Well, that describes her office—but not her home. Instead, the place Holly calls home is a peaceful property outside of Canberra, with country valley views that stretch on for miles.

So, why not an inner-city dwelling? Well, if you picture a typical day in Holly’s life, you could imagine it being jam-packed with meetings, movements and interactions. At the end of the day, anyone would need a break from that kind of pace.

For Holly, her country home is a place to unwind. It’s a place where, rather than tending to homes and clients, she can instead tend to the farm, the gardens, the chooks, the cattle, the puppy and the orchard.

It’s not surprising, given the beauty from Holly’s front porch is truly something else.

When Cass and I finally tore ourselves away from the incredible valley views, we made our way inside and found ourselves in a traditional, warm and inviting country-style house.

Holly’s home is such a contrast to the cosmopolitan character that’s evolving so quickly in our city, yet it’s so complementary to the bush capital aspect of Canberra.

The house is full of cherished treasures and design choices that make Holly smile—like the Fink kitchen pendant (she’s a huge Canberra design supporter), her self-confessed obsessive bedside lamp collection, the mixed mid-century and vintage furniture pieces, and even the way that each bedroom has a different coloured feature wall. Retro, but fun.

“Sometimes I think that I would love to have the kind of control over the home as I have over my work for my clients,” explained Holly as we walked through the farm. “But then again, would that pressure make it home?”

I agreed, suggesting that the lack of control and being able to let go is the kind of freedom you need to make your home a relaxing place away from the professional side of her life.

When Holly first moved into the property, the fruit trees in the orchard gave an abundant amount of fruit and since then…nothing.

Holly seemed disappointed—as anyone would be—but, as we discovered in our conversation, the orchard represents the potential of what can be next year or the year after. Home is the one place you don’t need to rush.

Maybe it was the serenity of the views and all that country air or the in-depth conversation we had while staring at an apple tree—but I felt reassured by my visit to Holly’s home.

We really don’t have to align everything in life and it’s quite okay to take your time to get to where we want to be. I was truly relaxed. I wonder if I’ll be able to maintain that state tomorrow morning when I’m stressing about matching my socks to my pocket square?












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Photography: Cass Atkinson

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