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Home Stories: Lucy Sugerman

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It’s a Home Stories full of youthful joy and music this week as Ashley and Cass visit the home of singer-songwriter Lucy Sugerman at her O’Connor sharehouse.

I’ve always enjoyed hanging out with people who are a bit younger than me. It could be because I’m young at heart or that I can’t grow a proper moustache…but I actually think it’s because of the effect younger generations have on my attitude to life.

Take 19-year-old singer-songwriter Lucy Sugerman. I can’t speak for Cass, but I can easily say that I felt at least 10 years younger after spending time with Lucy at her O’Connor home.

Lucy has only been in this sharehouse for three and a half months but is very settled and walked Cass and I through like a proud lady of the house. Lucy shares her home with three other friends, one who is studying music at ANU (given away by the creative application of music sheets on her glass bedroom doors), another who has just finished Marketing & Communications at ANU but is also a musician, and a third who works at an art gallery and restaurant Rebel Rebel but is also a massive techno fan.

You know that saying ‘similarity brings familiarity’? This is a perfect example, where the four souls get on famously through their shared passions and love for sound.

No doubt the other aspect binding them together is their common stage in life—where the comfort of your parents’ protection is given up in exchange for freedom, adventures and making your own mark on the world. Often this comes at a cost—such as not having someone cook your dinner each night or someone always knowing where your lost sock is—but the lessons are worth it. As Lucy explained, “I try harder because there isn’t that safety net”.

Speaking about trying harder, that’s something Lucy is most certainly not afraid of. She has devoted her life to music and dove headfirst into music writing, production, recording and touring from the age of 12.

In those seven years since, Lucy has landed a record deal, mustered up more genuine fans than a rich guy with an open bar tab, worked on numerous projects, got out of a record contract to focus on an independent career and taught herself how to produce.

To put this into perspective, when I was 19 I was still looking for my lost sock.

Cass and I have been to a few share houses during this long-standing Home Stories series but we haven’t covered one that celebrates the love of the sharehouse itself as much as Lucy’s.

Lucy and her friends unconditionally admire everything about their home. The location, the giant backyard, the high ceilings and large living room, the décor made up of favourite album covers, the early ‘80s bright pink laminate kitchen, the ‘70s equally bright green bathroom, the lack of heating or cooling, the warping cornices and even the makeshift backdoor flyscreen. It’s all character and it’s all theirs. The positives are great, and the negatives are only slightly less great.

It’s this attitude that I find infectious. Living and enjoying the moment with a balanced and optimistic view to the future. After chatting to Lucy for 15 minutes I just couldn’t wait to ask whether we could work on a track together and was excited to figure out what her next project may sound like.

There were no sentimental conversations about the past—just the enjoyment of the now and the excitement about the future. I really hope I have this energising effect on those older than me. I can only wish I take them back 10 years too.











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Photography: Cass Atkinson

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