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How to bring ultimate comfort into your home

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When you think about adding comfort to your home, what comes to mind? Soft furnishings? Adequate heating and cooling, depending on the season?

Perhaps your favourite (and particularly well-worn-in) pair of slippers or trackies?

While there’s no question each of these things adds its own hefty dose, comfort actually starts well before any of them, with your windows.

You probably don’t really even notice your windows too much—except for when smudged fingerprints pop up on them, that is—but windows are actually more important than you think.

For a start, they allow natural light to flood into your home, which not only improves your mood by increasing serotonin levels, but also boosts your Vitamin D levels and keeps your natural body clock in check so you sleep better.

Then they help keep noise out of your space, like traffic noise, neighbours’ house parties and when ol’ mate across the road decides to get the leaf blower out at 7 am on a Saturday.

Opening windows also help you adequately insulate and ventilate your home, which is not only good for your health, but it also helps prevent condensation which promotes mould growth.

And most importantly in a place like Canberra, they reduce heat transfer. Windows and doors can let in up to 87% of heat during summer, and let out up to 40% of your precious warmth during winter. No one wants to feel too hot in summer, or too cold in winter, but the right windows can go a long way to ensuring you’re like Goldilocks and feeling just right.

Double glazed windows are a popular option given their effectiveness in minimising noise and increasing energy efficiency. If you want a superior option, there’s thermally broken windows, but they are quite a step up cost-wise.

Now there’s an option that sits somewhere in the middle—just like our friend Goldilocks again—where you can enjoy superior energy efficiency and peak comfort, without the huge cost.

The new ComfortEDGE double glazed windows from the Vantage range are a high-performance option that drastically reduces heat transfer, to keep your home more comfortable all year round.

Designed in Australia by Architectural Window Systems (AWS) and manufactured locally in Canberra by specialist window suppliers, they’re an option for homeowners, builders and architects that meets increasing compliance requirements, yet still remaining affordable.

Thermal transfer can be measured in U values, with the lower the U value the better. For a single glazed window, the U value sits around 6.4, and this goes down to around 4.2 for double glazed. The ComfortEDGE awning window has a U value as low as 2.3, while the fixed option has a U value as low as 1.9.

Usually, windows tend to only tick two boxes out of functionality, affordability and style, but ComfortEDGE has been designed to tick all three.

“It’s stylish, high performing, allowing you to meet or exceed energy performance requirements and is extremely affordable,” says AWS’s Samantha Anderson.

“What makes it more affordable is our patented design and technology, which was developed using the latest thermal modelling programs combined with physical testing to optimise the design and ensure performance.”

Let’s be honest, at the end of the day, unless you’re creating a particular style statement with chunky framing, you don’t really want to see the windows. ComfortEdge uses patented technology where the frames are recessed into the wall for a stylish, minimalist look. This design significantly reduces exposed aluminium through the frame, which then drastically reduces heat transfer, keeping your home more comfortable all year round.

“The design is minimalist and streamlined. So it packs a serious punch when it comes to reducing heat transfer, without being visually imposing,” says Samantha.

ComfortEDGE is available in sliding, awning or fixed window options, and is suitable for new builds or retrofitting. ComfortEDGE is supplied by independent Vantage window suppliers.

To find out more about ComfortEDGE double glazed windows, visit awsaustralia.com.au/comfortedge


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