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Home Stories: Phillip Jones

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I have a book at home called ‘I Am Dandy’, which is devoted to elegant gentleman who take finesse in style to the extreme.

The book reminds me a lot of Phillip—while I wouldn’t label him as ‘extreme’, there is certainly plenty of finesse in the home he shares with his gorgeous wife Edwina and a very personable four-legged friend, Harry.


Phillip and Edwina bought their place in Pearce just under two years ago. While the 60s-inspired architecture by Gary Willemsen was a huge selling point, what really sold them was when Edwina’s mother said, ‘this is the kind of place that when you walk in, you expect someone to hand you a glass of wine’.


Victor and I didn’t get a glass of wine on entry, but we did leave with a bottle of gin each …so yes, we are doing another story on Phillip next week (I’m kidding, my journalistic integrity can’t be bought …but Victor is happy to accept work in exchange for a can of VB).



The place is not big—in fact Phillip and Edwina downsized to ensure they love what they have—and it shows. The home is stylish, homely and perfectly balanced. There is plenty to hang your eyes on, but no clutter what so ever.


A leather couch just invites you to get lost with a book for a few hours, the office begs for you to get creative, the dining table is asking for an intimate dinner party, and the bedroom …actually, I’ll leave that to your imagination.


13See that’s the element of finesse—where the mix of worldly art, mid-century furniture, vintage kitchen elements, and modern office comforts blend into a smooth union—much like a well-mixed martini.



And speaking of martinis, Phillip is rather Instagram-famous for being the ‘Martini Whisperer’, often promoting Australian produce in making the perfect martini. We made our way to the drinks cart where we got stuck for the next 30 minutes. The bottles, specifically the designs on some of the labels, were just amazing. To ensure that I could remember enough about this experience to complete this write-up, we didn’t drink much gin and sniffed the corks instead (that’s what cool men do these days … we sniff corks of artisanal hand-made gins).


On the way out, I noticed the courtyard had a very Palm Springs vibe, so I asked if Phillip and Edwina had ever been to Palm Springs, which launched us into another 30-minute conversation. They have conquered Palm Springs and has in fact designed the garden as a tribute to it.

At some point, Phillip disappeared into the house only to emerge with a hand-tailored cowboy hat he picked up there …now I know what you’re thinking, he probably looked like he was about to do some boot skootin’ right? Well, no—there was that sense of finesse again (and it’s not just the sniffed corks talking!).











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Photos by Victor Tawagi

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