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How to get your backyard or balcony ready for a summer to remember

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Feel that in the air? Summer is coming, which means more time spent outdoors.

And not just because it’s the only way to see friends and family, but actually because we want to be outside and lap up the beautiful warm weather and those oh-so blue skies.

One of the easiest ways to enjoy the outdoors is to make the most of what you’ve got at home, whether it’s a little window nook that gets great sun, an apartment balcony, a courtyard, or a sprawling yard with a pool.

Whether you got sick of your outdoor space during lockdown and feel it needs a refresh, or sorting your outdoor space has always been on your ‘to do one day’ list but you’ve never quite got around to it, here are five ways to get your outdoor space ready for this summer.

Start with a plan

Like with anything, first you’ll need a plan, or at least a clear idea of what you’re aiming for with your outdoor space.

Yet to do anything with it? Start by cleaning up the area, and removing any junk, so you have a clean palette to work with. If you already have your outdoor space somewhat set up, figure out the key pieces you’ll be keeping and using, and what needs to go.

A great way to figure out what you want is to gather together some inspo to create a bit of a mood board, be it physical or digital. Need some inspo? Burning Log is Canberra’s local outdoor specialist and their team are experts at creating enviable outdoor spaces. Head to their website for some stunning ideas on how to create a space that could rival a luxe resort.

Choose the key pieces

To figure out what you need, consider how much space you have, what you want to use the area for, and if there are any other aspects of the space that need to be taken into account, whether it’s a pool, the sunniest spot to plant vegetables, or keeping enough space free for the kids to run around.

To create a space people will want to spend time in, you’ll need somewhere to sit. Choose a lounge setting based on how much space you have, and what sort of look you’re going for. If you’re unsure, take a photo of your space, and take it into the Burning Log team, and they can advise what will best work for you.

The Aspen Outdoor Lounge settings are a popular pick thanks to their modular design, meaning you can adjust it to suit your space. Add in a side table or two so everywhere has somewhere to pop their drink.

Want somewhere to dine outdoors? If you’re envisioning a spacious alfresco dining space, with plenty of room for the extended family, go for a large dining setting. Burning Log has options with up to 12 seats.

Just have a balcony? They also have a whole offering just for you, with a huge range of space-saving dining and couch sets. Really limited on space? You could turn your outdoor nook into a bar area with a bar table.

Make sure there’s some shade

While a bit of sunshine can be delightful, and a welcome visitor to your alfresco area, if your space is in direct, harsh sunlight for a long period, you’re less likely to use it.

Either make the most of natural shade options, like trees and plants, or create it yourself by adding in an outdoor umbrella.

Add somewhere to cook

Summer isn’t just the best time to dine outside, but also to cook outside. Burning Log is an official Weber Store, and stocks one of the best range of Weber barbecues and accessories in town.

Chat to their friendly staff about the best option to suit your space, from electric barbecues which may be necessary on some balconies, through to premium outdoor setups which will rival your indoor kitchen.

Now to decorate

Now for the really fun part. Just like your indoor living spaces, decorating your outdoor space will ultimately make you want to spend more time there. For decks or balconies, add a rug or even fake grass to soften the space underfoot.

Plants are one of the easiest ways to add a serene pop of greenery to the space—just make sure you choose the right plant type for how much sun it will get. Depending on your space you could also add art or a sculpture, and soften the space with a smattering of cushions.

For an added cosy and luxe feature, make space for a day bed or sun lounge, and you can feel like you’re on a tropical holiday every day.


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