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Magazine: ‘TIME’ issue out now.

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The Time issue of HerCanberra Magazine is out now. But don’t hurry to your nearest stockist – you can get it right here.

We know you love to curl up with our beautiful print Magazine and leaf through its pages. Unfortunately, during this strange time we find ourselves living in, those pages need to be virtual.

Our first solely online edition of Magazine (for obvious reasons) is also our last edition – we explain why below. In it, we explore life in the time of COVID-19, take a virtual journey through the National Gallery of Australia and a mini break to Orange.

We also pose some big questions around life and death, look at how women’s role has changed in the area of international trade, and share some of our favourite family recipes.

All that and so much more. Dive in.

Why is this our last Magazine? HerCanberra Founder Amanda Whitley explains.

I always wanted to work in magazines. And when we published our first edition of this publication back in March 2015, I wasn’t sure where it would lead.

I certainly never imagined Magazine would grow to become a collector’s item, a 160+ page thing of beauty which celebrates the very best of Canberra.

Magazine has always been our ‘love job’—it doesn’t take a genius to work out that printing 10,000 copies of a hefty (free) publication on thick, tactile paper is not going to be cheap. Let alone all the other production costs involved.

But we believed—and we still do— that Magazine plays an important role in telling Canberra’s story, because there is no other print title in the Canberra region that showcases our city and its people in such a thoughtful and visually stunning way. Our hearts spoke louder than our heads.

Unfortunately, now is not the time for passion projects.

As the effects of COVID-19 continue to decimate Canberra’s hospitality and creative industries, we need to focus on our core business and work as hard as we can to still be here when the crisis eases. The aim, quite simply, is to survive.

This issue of Magazine will be our last.

From the time we started compiling this issue until the time of publication, the world has changed. We could not have known just how fitting the theme of ‘TIME’ would be. We had to take a good hard look at our content— cut stories, add others, tweak pieces so they were appropriate for life in the time of COVID-19.

We hope it will inspire and encourage you, but also make you think. We hope it reassures you that, although we can’t live life as before, it can still be beautiful and rich and fulfilling.

We had hoped to be able to bring you one last glorious print edition of Magazine, but that was simply not possible—for a whole lot of financial, logistical and ethical reasons.

It would not be responsible of us to encourage you to go out and pick up your latest issue when we all know what we need to do is stay home. Stop the spread. So we can all go back to our wonderful, ordinary lives sooner rather than later.

Instead, you can enjoy your copy online. We have included as many links as possible so you can explore the businesses we mention in our stories, and we encourage you to support them as much as you can—both now and in the future. It has never been more important for Canberra to come together.

Throughout it all, HerCanberra will be there for you. We know that you look to us for light in a time of darkness, for connection—and if we can be the community that you need right now, we’ll have done our job right.

montage of Magazine covers from last five years

Bringing Magazine to you these past five years has been one of the highlights of my career. The opportunity to work with so many talented and generous people has filled my heart to bursting.

I can’t name them all, because I’d be sure to miss someone, so let me just call out a few key people.

Every member of the incredible HerCanberra team over the past five years, who have given every issue their all; Javier Steel, our first creative director who brought my Magazine dreams to life; Katie Radojkovic, who has made the last 11 issues a visual feast; Lauren Campbell, whose images have graced all but one of our covers; the team at CanPrint for always looking after us; our stockists across the city; the advertisers who have helped us to continue as long as we have; the many, many brilliant Canberra creatives—stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists—we’ve had the opportunity to work with; the people whose stories we’ve been privileged to tell. Thank you all.

Lastly, to Magazine’s production manager Belinda Neame and her firefighter-cum-photographer husband Tim Bean.

These two are a creative powerhouse, and watching their skill and abilities grow with each Magazine—and seeing their immaculately-styled images spill across its pages—was an indescribable joy. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

So, now it’s time to say goodbye. And while I’m sad, as an eternal optimist I can’t help but look to the future and wonder about the opportunities that await us once the world returns to some semblance of normality.

See you on the other side

Amanda Whitley

HerCanberra Founder

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