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Seven ways to lift your flat lay game

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Many a ‘grammer has been there: fiddling for what seems like hours trying to nail the perfect flat lay on Instagram, only to get a lackluster image in return.

So what are the key ingredients for the perfect shot? We chat to Canberra Outlet Centre’s resident stylist, Nicole Dwight, for her tips on how to flat lay like a #boss.

 1. When in doubt, opt for a neutral background.  

A crisp white background will do wonders, says Nicole. “This will ensure the items in your flat lay pop. It’s really important that they don’t get lost in the background.”

Gary Pepper 12356

Flat lay by @garypeppergirl

2. Choose one or two ‘feature’ pieces, with smaller pieces around them. 

“The most noticeable mistake people make is when too much is crammed into the flat lay and you lose the impact of what you are trying to showcase,” says Nicole.

3. Always use natural lighting.

Unlike when posting a selfie, Nicole believes it’s best to leave the filters alone and “keep the items looking as natural as possible.”

Flat lay by @oraclefoxblog

Flat lay by @oraclefoxblog

4. Leave some space.

“Although order and arrangement do not need to be perfect it is very important to leave adequate amounts of space between items,” says Nicole.

5. Think outside the box for your lust haves.

“Flat lays don’t always have to be fashion related,” says Nicole. “They are particularly popular for beauty products, homewares and let’s not forget food!!”

Flat lay by @lookingthroughhercloset

Flat lay by @lookingthroughhercloset

6. Opt for a square format if taking the flay lay on your phone.

“Also be mindful if you are uploading to Instagram that cropping your picture might become an issue so be sure to leave room on the edges of your flat lay,” says Nicole. “Another essential is to always take the flat lay from above, never from another angle!”

7. Get stalking.

“Stalk fashion bloggers and have a look at the way different bloggers organise their flat lay and the kinds of things they include for inspiration,” says Nicole.

You can check out our founder Amanda's autumn flat lay, currently on display at the Canberra Outlet Centre.

You can check out our founder Amanda’s autumn flat lay, currently on display at the Canberra Outlet Centre.

Nicole’s Insta picks

 Follow these local, interstate and overseas Instagrammers for some serious flat lay inspo.






Get snapping and win!

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Feature image: Gary Pepper Girl 

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