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Street Stylin’

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The sunshine was beaming down on a day where putting your future first was the priority. We decided to head out to the University of Canberra’s 2015 Open Day to check out the street style. We strolled past the live music, pop-up information and food stalls, finding everything from double denim to dinosaur prints…

Emma-Leigh, Yass

“I normally like to wear a lot of double denim. I would never wear the same colour denim though cause it would look ridiculous. I really like wearing jeans a lot; I tend to never wear skirts unless I’m going out for dinner.”


Emma-Leigh wearing jacket from Jeans West; top from Valley Girl; and jeans from Chicabooti.

Jo & Amy, Evatt

“Today we’ve dressed casual and comfy for our weekend style. I [Jo] like to shop online at Bohemian Traders because I find it hard to find the stuff that I like in the shopping malls. I like pieces that have a slight bohemian look to it and I like to wear a lot of neutrals.”


Jo (left) is wearing garments from Bohemian Traders. Amy (right) is wearing her friend’s garments.

Hannah, Bruce

“My style today is Clueless (the movie) mixed with pop dinosaur. I’m the editor of UC’s magazine Curio so I’m here today to check out the open day and support the university.”


Hannah wearing top H&M; socks from Cotton On; and skirt from Asia.

Alison & Hannah, Conder

“We are being warm today with our casual style.We both like to wear a lot of blue tones because it looks nice on our skin colour.”


Alison (left) wearing jeans from G-Star Raw. Hannah (right) wearing top from Ally; and jeans from Temt.

Natalie, Murrumbateman

“I like to wear a lot of colour. Today’s look is a combination of white dress, grey cardigan, chunky maroon knit, black stockings and black boots. I don’t really like to wear jeans; I always prefer to wear stockings.”


Natalie wearing cardigan from Reiss Emporium; top from Valleygirl; and stockings from Woolworths.


Photos and words by Hayley O’Neill; Wing-woman Tracey O’Neill.

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