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We road-tested the newest ‘Hollywood facial’ at the The Skyn Lounge

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It’s the non-invasive treatment that promises to reverse the signs of aging before they even begin (not that aging is currently a skin concern for me).

But with the additional benefit of improving dark spots, scarring, redness, and acne as well as reducing pore size (all things that do concern me), when the opportunity to try a laser facial came up, I instantly said yes—which is how one Friday afternoon I ended up spending a luxurious hour and a half being pampered with the non-downtime treatment that’s being referred to as the “Hollywood facial”.

Including an exfoliation treatment, Laser Genesis, an LED treatment, and a mask to boost your results, it’s the latest offering from The Skyn Lounge in Belconnen, a holistic skincare clinic led by dermal therapist and clinical director Chloe Sikimeti, where real results meet relaxation.

And as someone who is starting to get curious about skin health and how to address skin concerns, a gentle yet powerful laser treatment seems like the perfect place to start—but I will admit I was a little nervous.

Excited (and nervous) pre-treatment.

I’d never done any kind of laser treatment (I still shave my legs with a razor) so starting with one focusing on my face felt like an interesting choice, but I was also excited to see if the all-around treatment would benefit my sensitive skin.

Beginning with an exfoliation treatment to remove any gunk from the day, the fun began when my therapist, Rarnie, placed some very funky-looking goggles on to protect my eyes, before using a white eyeliner pen to section off my face—ensuring that too much of the laser’s energy wouldn’t be focused on one spot.

Then, with strict instructions not to talk while the laser is in use (fun fact, it can take the enamel off your teeth), once I was comfortable, Rarnie got started with the Laser Genesis segment of the treatment.

Lets not talk about the goggles…

Laser Genesis itself only goes for about 30 minutes, using a laser to gently heat the upper layer of the skin through thousands of micro pulses of light to result in the production of new skin cells and collagen—helping to improve your overall skin quality and giving you a more youthful complexion. But the real question I know you want to ask is “Does it hurt?”

No, but it also doesn’t feel like falling face-first into a pile of kitten floof.

The best way for me to explain it is it feels like a constant rain of warm sparks falling on your face. At some points it tingled and was very relaxing, at other points it got very hot and there was the odd “Ooh that didn’t exactly tickle” moment, but not enough for me to pause the procedure. And with the wonderful Rarnie checking in the whole time to make sure it was all still comfortable, I felt totally at ease.

Following the heat of the laser, a cooling and hydrating face mask—to help with the redness—sent me off into a world of bliss while Rarnie expertly massaged my arms and hands. Drifting in and out of microsleep (which seems to be becoming an embarrassing trend for me), once I was in a deep state of relaxation, she then left me with a yellow light LED treatment to help boost collagen production.

I didn’t even hear her come back into the room and suddenly it was over. And while I almost fell out of bed, when I looked in the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised at how refreshed I looked (if you ignored the goggle marks and my hair sticking up in 30 different directions).

A whole new (and barely awake) person post treatment.

My skin was brighter, it did indeed look smoother, and it felt tighter. And according to Rarnie, the real results would kick in in about two to six weeks—but for maximum results, she told me I would need to book a total of six sessions with the team (because we all know, there’s no quick fix when it comes to skin health).

It’s also worth noting that you can choose to do this treatment by itself (and technically it’s quick enough to be done in your lunch break), or you can add laser genesis onto a micro-needling session or a DMK enzyme mask for enhanced treatment results.

Currently offering the stand-alone laser genesis and laser facial in a ‘buy five and get the sixth free’ deal, all I can say is personally, I found my experience at The Skyn Lounge very worth it.

And with no recovery time—I was just extra diligent with my sunscreen application the next day—no need for numbing cream, and a youthful glow in my face that lasted days afterward, I could see why The Skyn Lounge team is calling it the “Hollywood facial”. I really did leave feeling like a superstar.

Find out more at theskynlounge.com.au

The author received their treatment courtesy of The Skyn Lounge but their opinions remain their own.

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