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The Canberra Short Film Festival 2016

Calum Stenning

Come this September, The Canberra Short Film Festival (CSFF) will have been offering opportunities to local, national and international filmmakers to have their work shown for 21 years.

As a gift, to both itself and to us as patrons, The CSFF will be picking up a pair of shiny new categories this year – animation and music video. These additions are signs of adaptation, indeed, the CSFF is the third eldest film festival in Australia and nothing lasts that long without being able to change with the times.

The landscape of filmmaking has constantly developed as the basic equipment needed to create content has become more and more available. These days almost everyone, especially the younger generations, has a video camera in their pocket or handbag on their smartphone

Apps such as Vine and Snapchat, and more recently Instagram, have brought the art of storytelling through film to the masses, with careers being forged off the back of these platforms.

The newfound popularity of short format filmmaking is something the CSFF organisers hope to capitalise on.

“We want to appeal to a new generation of filmmakers, as well as a new, younger audience,” explains John Frohlich, Director of the CSFF.  “We’ve already had such a strong response in submissions.”

Platforms like Youtube have an ever growing number of users producing short films on a often daily basis, and the CSFF’s 2-minute film category aims to reflect this burgeoning style of content production.

With the longest films running at the 20-minute mark, the shortest at two minutes apiece, and eight categories (International, National, Canberra Made, Documentary, Under 18s, Animation, Music Video and Two Minute Films), fans of short film can expect a wide variety of entertainment.

The Tuggeranong Arts Centre will be celebrating the CSFF on Friday 16 September, with live music from local band Cracked Actor, wine from Long Gully Estate and beer from Bentspoke. There will also be film showings at Dendy Canberra City and Smiths Alternative Bookshop over the course of the five days as well. Attendees can expect to leave inspired.

the essentials

What: The Canberra Short Film Festival
When: 14 – 18 September 2016
Where: Wednesday 14 September at Dendy, Thursday 15 September at Smith’s Alternative, Friday 16 September at Tuggeranong Arts Centre, Saturday 17 September at Smith’s Alternative, Sunday 18 September at Dendy
Purchase tickets for Tuggeranong Arts Centre sessions here: Tickets for Dendy and Smith’s Alternative sessions will be online on Thursday 25 August here:


Calum Stenning

Calum Stenning is Her Canberra’s newest and most male (read: only) intern. Three years spent living overseas has given him a renewed appreciation for Canberra life. Every day starts with coffee and the Sydney Morning Herald crossword at a favourite coffee haunt, as he is wary of the perils of dementia, and thinks crosswords are a viable safeguard. If he lives to a dementia-appropriate age (evidence says he won’t), he’ll let us know. More about the Author

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