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The Daily Dollop: Diets Are Dead

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Diets are dead.

And when I say ‘diet/s’ I mean the following definition: A special course of food to which a person restricts themselves to lose weight.

In a sentence: “I’m going on a diet.”

This is not to be confused with the more general definition of: The types of food that a person, animal or community habitually eats.

In a sentence: “The typical western diet increases an individual’s risk of lifestyle-related chronic diseases.”

And diets, the restrictive, rule-based eating patterns that 15% woman and 11% men inflict on themselves every year, are dead. And it’s time to let them go. Here’s why:

People are waking up to the inferior approach diets promote for long term health.

There is a growing mass of people feeling tired, frustrated and sick of the messages, rules, confusion and narrow views of health and body image constantly thrown at them by popular culture. I know because I’ve been chatting to these people for nearly 10 years.

The truth is, your daily habits contribute to your long-term health more than your 2-3 weeks on a strict diet.

In fact, the habit of starting a strict diet only to give up due to the ‘what the hell effect’ and eat everything in sight is one that actually leads people to putting on weight, rather than losing it, as well as reduced wellbeing, anxiety and stress.

Research actually suggests that feeling guilty and stressed about food is actually counter-productive when it comes to healthy eating intentions and weight management. The more worried and guilty someone feels about food the less perceived control they have over that food and the less their intention is to eat well in the future.

It doesn’t have to be like this! A life full of guilt and stress, while you ‘try’ to be healthy!

To bring a positive nutrition message into a world of restriction, misinformation and food stress, earlier this year I launched a podcast called, The Daily Dollop.

The Daily Dollop is daily podcast giving you a dollop of advice from me, a qualified registered nutritionist passionate about food being easy and enjoyable for everyone as well as promoting long term health.

The Daily Dollop calls out nutritional ‘woo’, removes food stress and teaches you how to build healthy eating habits instead of dieting.

Here’s what I’m chatting about this week on The Daily Dollop!

Monday 9 November: Body Fat Percentage

Your body is made up of protein, water and fat. Unfortunately, because diet culture describes fat as being this evil substance that you need to ‘melt’ or ‘shred’ off your body, the words ‘body fat’ have a negative association for many people.

The combination of a culture that celebrates leanness yet also happens to offer the most energy-dense food supply drives each generation to feel that they never quite measure up in the body fat stakes.

In this episode, I’ll look at what a healthy body fat percentage should be and how we can start to create a positive relationship with our body even if our body fat isn’t quite what we want it to be.

Listen to the episode here.

Tuesday 10 November: Skip Breakfast?

Is breakfast a healthy habit or not? The last time I checked the internet, there were so many opinions!

A very popular piece of advice at the moment that’s spouted from ‘wellness’ experts (often unqualified ones) is the benefits of fasting until midday. In other words, skipping breakfast!

Is this a thing?

Well, it is a thing in that there are no rules and you’re an adult. You can do whatever you want. If you skip breakfast, either intentionally or not, this is a routine or a behaviour that’s possible to adopt with your diet.

In this episode, I’ll look at what science says about skipping breakfast and its association with health. I’ll also look at what the research is saying about time-restricted feeding (aka skipping breakfast) and if this is a good option for weight loss.

Wednesday 11 November: Easy Breakfast Ideas

For those of you who love breakfast and want to maximise your nutrition at your first meal of the day, then this episode is for you.

I’ll discuss the key components of a healthy, filling breakfast and offer five quick, tasty ideas that you can create for a healthy breakfast on the go!

Thursday 12 November: Why Are You Bloated?

Do you feel bloated, yuck or uncomfortable after eating?

It’s definitely something that people are more aware of these days. However, it’s really important to note is that ‘bloating’ and the myriad of ways that it’s felt and perceived by individuals is a very vague symptom.

It’s also super important to note that the gastrointestinal track and organ system is hugely complex. Self-diagnosis is never a good idea.

In this episode, I’ll uncover the six main reasons that cause bloating, and what you can do about it. Plus, I’ll chat about when bloating may not be such a great thing and you need to seek medical attention.

Friday 13 November: Beat Sugar Cravings

Do you struggle with sugar cravings? It happens to the best of us. It makes sense that we crave it. We like sugar, it tastes good. It works as a pick me up. The problem is we’re all trying to avoid sugar as we think it’s unhealthy and bad for us.

Sugar isn’t poison. It’s a nutrient, that through a biochemical process called glycolysis, is broken down to create a chemical called ATP, the energy currency of the body! Whether the sugar comes from a wholefood or an ultra-processed food, it ends up the same in your bloodstream!

It’s all about the dose, how much sugar you consume and ensuring that you’re getting it from nutrient-dense foods.

In this episode, I’ll talk through 10 tips for beating sugar cravings and staying in control of your food choices.

As you’ll hear through each episode, fad diets and restrictive, rule-based eating is an inferior approach to achieving long term health, particularly if it’s leading to stress, anxiety and poor compliance.

I want to encourage you to feel good about what you’re eating, confident in your food choices and moving on with more important things in your life!

You can subscribe to The Daily Dollop wherever you get your podcast. Please have a listen and if you like it, please leave a review.

This helps boost the podcast in the charts and helps more people hear the message that you don’t have to follow rules to be healthy!

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