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The Daily Dollop: The big issues of modern-day healthy eating

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We live in the information age.

We have more knowledge about health, physiology and the subsequent factors that affect it, like food, than we’ve ever had.

Unfortunately, we don’t seem to be any wiser to the fact, and if anything, we’re more confused than ever before.

When I listen to people talk about food and nutrition, when I chat to clients about their food challenges, when I scroll through social media posts and when I read news articles that were written with ‘clickbait’ as the goal, it doesn’t surprise me that people are confused.

When you’re bombarded with health messages every day, particularly when these health messages contradict each other it’s enough to send even the most knowledgeable of people into a spiral of confusion.

I’ve met highly-educated people—even people in the health sector—who have fallen victim to the web of misinformation.

In many cases, the confusion leads to discorded eating ( not to be confused with an eating disorder) like skipping meals because they don’t know what to eat, high restriction as they’re afraid of weight gain, binging because they end up so hungry they don’t care anymore…

I decided that I couldn’t stand aside and watch the scaremongering, incorrect messages and misinformation that keep people stressed and confused anymore.

So, in September 2020, I got myself a producer, a halo light, hooked a microphone up to my iPhone and launched: The Daily Dollop.

The Daily Dollop is daily podcast giving you a dollop of advice from me, a qualified registered nutritionist passionate about food being easy and enjoyable for everyone as well as promoting long term health.

The Daily Dollop calls out nutritional ‘woo’, removes food stress and teaches you how to build healthy eating habits instead of dieting.

After a whirlwind pilot season where we hit #3 on the Australian podcast charts in the nutrition category along with charting in Canada, the UK and NZ, I’m excited to announce a second season!

Launching today, this season aims to tackle the big topics of modern-day healthy eating and leave you feeling refreshed and confident moving forward with your diet.

This week alone I’m covering gut health, ketogenic diets, dealing with food guilt, having more willpower and healthy eating on a budget.

Here’s more about what I’m covering in each episode.

Monday 2 November: Eating for Good Gut Health

Google ‘gut health’ and you’ll get hit with a bunch of products, supplements and powders all claiming to boost your gut health and cleanse your body of toxins (along with other health claims).

Cue social media influencers: “Gut health is trendy. I’m pretty. Buy this supplement.”

Every Tom, Dick and Harriet has an opinion about gut health and most of those options are offered without a thorough knowledge of physiology, proper context nor give people realistic and sustainable ways to implement it.

In this episode, I look at whether these supplements are necessary, the complexity of the gut and what science says about the best dietary habits for healthy gut bacteria.

Listen to the episode here.

Tuesday 3 November: The Keto Debacle

Have you come across the keto diet? Have you tried it? Have you had success on it? Have you found it difficult to follow? Are you now confused about carbs?

The debate surrounding the keto diet has been raging for years! Doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, heck, even chefs, personal trainers and life coaches all have an opinion on the popular dietary approach for weight loss.

Unfortunately, the science and biochemistry behind a ketogenic diet is complex, poorly understood by most people and the information that we see in mainstream media comes from marketing campaigns and influencers.

Even some GPs and “doctors” have their biochemistry all mixed up when they recommend putting people on keto diets.

In this episode, I look at whether ketogenic diets truly work, the side effects of following a ketogenic diet and for those that are interested offer a more realistic and sustainable approach to healthy weight management.

Wednesday 4 November: How to Stop Feeling Guilty About Food

Do you feel guilty about eating certain foods? You might think that beating yourself up about eating certain things or making yourself feel bad about it will help motivate you to be better in the future. You would be wrong.

A study published in 2014 which I’ve nicknamed the ‘chocolate cake study’ outlines the connection between food guilt and perceived behavioural control and then its effect on weight management long term. It showed that feeling guilty about food is actually counterproductive to making healthy food choices!

In this episode, I discuss this research in more detail and why guilt leads us to eat more poorly. The ‘what the hell’ effect is a real thing which affects dieters every single day!

Plus, I’ll cover four tips on how to stop the guilt and change your perspective about eating food!

Thursday 5 November: You Don’t Need More Willpower

When I meet people for the first time who are wanting help with their nutrition, I often ask them: “What is the main barrier in your life that stops you from eating well?” They say: “I have no willpower.”

Unfortunately, as a nutritionist, there’s not much I can do about willpower. Only you can control how much you have and when you use it. However, I believe that a lack of willpower is NOT why you’re struggling with sticking to a diet.

In this episode, I discuss why willpower is a limited resource and that you want to build habits and routines in your life to give it a rest! That way your willpower has a chance a re-charge so it’s ready to use when you need it!

I’ll give you six key tips to make the healthy choice, the easy choice. No willpower required.

Friday 6 November: Healthy Eating on a Budget

One of the biggest barriers to healthy eating in Australia is the perceived high cost of healthy food. And it’s no wonder, with influencers and programs in the wellness industry pushing fancy expensive products, it doesn’t surprise me that people on tight budgets feel like healthy eating is beyond their reach.

In this episode, I chat about wellness ‘privilege’ and ‘elitism’ and talk about how we can overcomplicate healthy eating making it seem out of reach, especially for people on lower incomes or facing financial stress.

I also cover six tips for saving money at the checkout and highlight the cheap, healthy staples to build your weekly meal plan from.

As you’ll hear through each episode, fad diets and restrictive, rule-based eating is an inferior approach to achieving long term health, particularly if it’s leading to stress, anxiety and poor compliance.

I want to encourage you to feel good about what you’re eating, confident in your food choices and moving on with more important things in your life!

You can subscribe to The Daily Dollop wherever you get your podcast. Please have a listen and if you like it, please leave a review. This helps boost the podcast in the charts and helps more people hear the message that you don’t have to follow rules to be healthy!

If you have a topic you’d love me to chat about on show or you just want to say hi, please contact me via Facebook or Instagram, I’d love to meet you.


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