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SpeedFit EMS Personal Training is coming to Kingston and what the heck is it?!

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A killer workout that only takes 20 minutes? Yes please!

If getting up to go to the gym at 5am isn’t your speed, and you often find yourself wishing there was a way to stay fit and healthy with minimal effort, we have some good news for you: SpeedFit is coming to Kingston. 

Started by Slovakian-born, Perth-based entrepreneur Matej Varhalik in 2013, SpeedFit has 27 locations across Australia and with the promise of short yet deeply effective workouts using EMS, it’s no wonder it’s so popular. 

But what exactly is it? We’ve answered everything you need to know for your latest sweat sesh.  

What is EMS Training? 

Described as the IPhone of the fitness world, Electro Muscle Stimulation (AKA EMS) is the latest way to workout without hitting the gym everyday. Used by SpeedFit locations across Australia, the workouts send low frequency electronic pulses to help you contract the muscles you’re working on. Gone are the days where you have to do three or four really hardcore weight sessions at the gym, one or two sessions a week at SpeedFit promises the same results. In one twenty minute session you’ll do the equivalent of a whopping 960 reps, which means the delayed onset muscle soreness will be REAL.

Why should I try it?

Perfect for people who believe exercise isn’t for them, EMS is futuristic personal training tailored to your needs. What makes it even better is that ‘not having enough time’ is no excuse. Everything from your workout clothes to a delicious electrolyte pre-workout drink is supplied by SpeedFit, bringing the total length of the session to a quick 30 minutes. You’ll even get a protein shake to help your muscles on their way to recovery at the end!

Who is behind SpeedFit Kingston?

Coming to Giles Street in December, Lanette Helene is the familiar face behind SpeedFit Kingston. 

Teaching Pilates since 1995, Lanette has opened seven Pilates studios across Canberra, including the popular Pilates Canberra and she opened the first Fitness Pole Dancing studio in Canberra. Inspired by the rehabilitation benefits of EMS training, Lanette signed on the dotted line to bring SpeedFit Kingston to life as a wonderful adjunct to Pilates. 

What should you expect at your training session?

Along with your own supplied outfit and pre- and post-workout beverages, expect to be suited up in a superhero style vest with cords hooked up to it to conduct the electrical currents. Working with a maximum of two clients at one time, your trainer will go through the different levels of EMS until you reach a resistance that you like. 

Then using standing low-impact bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, crunches and bicep curls you’ll have a quick fitness session that focuses on sculpting the body through weight loss, muscle building, strength training and rehabilitation. There’s even a kids corner for parents so they can drop off the little ones during their session so they can train while their kids are entertained!

How long until you see results?

Results will depend on your goals, whether it’s postpartum recovery, weight loss or recovery from an injury! SpeedFit offers tailored nutrition support and guidance to ensure clients are able to achieve their goals.

How do I get started with EMS Kingston? 

SpeedFit Kingston is currently offering a VIP Trial pack for the special deal of two sessions for $45, which is the perfect opportunity to give it a go. 

There are a limited number of trials available, so get in quick to secure yours today!

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