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A growing list of local businesses bringing unique eco-solutions to Canberra

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Sometimes it feels almost impossible to make a positive, environmentally-friendly choice, especially when so many big changes need to be made to genuinely help the planet.

But there are some everyday people in the Canberra community who are running businesses that are actively bringing eco-solutions in some unique, innovative, and interesting ways. So, we (in classic HC-style) have decided to compile a list.

Here are some locals bringing eco-solutions to Canberra—hopefully they inspire you to follow in their footsteps.

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Pura Holistic Hair Studio

With a holistic approach to hair and wellness, at Pura Holistic Hair Studio, every aspect of the salon tries to ensure a low-tox, pampering, organic, plant-based, and sustainable experience. From refill stations to reusing, recycling, and repurposing 95 per cent of hair waste, using recycled and biodegradable alternates, and more, founder Blair Lewis believes that every little decision we make, counts.

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Thor’s Hammer

Thor’s Hammer has been working for a more sustainable city since it began salvaging and recycling timber nearly 30 years ago. However, its commitment to sustainability goes far beyond simply repurposing old wood to make new floors and furniture for clients. Trying to adopt sustainable practices at every step of the manufacturing process at Thor’s custom-built factory in Fyshwick, they also implement sustainable design practices and minimise as much waste as possible.

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Through her sustainable fashion label EDITION, Alice Sutton explores zero waste pattern making techniques with salvaged materials—using them to influence the shape and aesthetics of each garment. All made here in Canberra, all of her designs are unique and multi-functional.

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Soft Darlings

Preventing soft toys from going to landfill while raising funds for children in need, Soft Darlings is a new small business and passion project from Micaela Centenera, the founder of Good Humans Journal—a charitable initiative dedicated to sending Boxes of Hope to impoverished girls in the Philippines. And the idea is simple: adopt a pal, help the plant, and send essentials to a child living in poverty.

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Just Lippy

Launched in 2016 by Karen Green (Canberra’s lipstick queen), Just Lippy sells “yuckies-free” lipstick packaged in a completely biodegradable corn-starch pot. Making each lipstick from scratch with as few ingredients as possible (and without anything derived from petroleum or coal), they are plant-based, plastic-free, and extremely pretty—and you can also find twice as much lippy in one than in your average tube.

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Teen Skin Health

Founded by beauty specialist, nutritionist, and mum Theresa Bradaric, Teen Skin Health is a dedicated easy-to-use skincare range made using organic, Australian ingredients. Designed to help young customers build confidence, it’s also vegan, nut-free, cruelty-free, compostable, recyclable, and biodegradable.

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GREN Clothing

Rae Knopik is proving—one t-shirt at a time—that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand. Believing the most sustainable tee is the one that already exists, she created GREN and the G-Shirt—a closed loop, 100 percent recycled cotton shirt that is ethically and locally made in all sizes.

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Fancy Yarns

This Canberra-based online yarn store specialises in recycled, eco-friendly, and novelty yarns—including a revolutionary eucalyptus yarn. Combining sustainability, composability, and antibacterial properties, the yarn is sourced from renewable eucalyptus fibres and is grown and manufactured in Portugal. As well as selling yarn spun from recycled jeans, Fancy Yarns has also recently unveiled a yarn crafted from recycled plastic water bottles.

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Feature image: Pura Holistic Hair Studio. Credit: Andrew Ly.

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