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The Clarity Seminar: No ‘woo-woo’, just psychology

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There are so many things out there all competing for our attention these days, promising some seemingly ‘magic’ formula to help ease stress and anxiety, help you get ahead at work, help improve your relationships, or even just the key to happiness.

The reality is there’s only one thing you actually need for all of the above, and the best news is you’ve already got it—it’s your mind. Your mind is the real deal MVP that can do all of the above and more. The real secret is learning how to harness it and get the very best out of it. Do that, and you’re well set up for life.

Nicole Daly is a clinical psychologist with more than 15 years experience in the industry, and day-to-day she works with patients dealing with everything from anxiety and depression disorders and trauma, through to public service work issues or navigating a transition of some sort.

She’s watched over the years how patients, some who may have been reluctant about visiting a psychologist at first, have had huge ‘a-ha’ moments in her sessions, just by learning more about where their thoughts and perceptions come from, and arming them with new tools and techniques.

Nicole Daly.

Many patients have told her, ‘you should teach more people these things’, so she’s doing just that. Next month she’s launching The Clarity Seminar, a full day session where anyone can learn all about their thoughts, and how to harness them.

Think of it as a unique opportunity to have access to an experienced clinical psychologist for the day, without actually going to a psychology appointment.

There’s nothing ‘woo-woo’ in the session—it’s all based on science. But it’s also not rocket science—it’s practical, easy to master concepts based around the kinds of situations we all find ourselves in every single day.

The first Clarity Seminar is on Thursday 15 April at the Royal Golf Club in Red Hill. The full-day, fully-catered event will start with Nicole discussing emotions—what they are and some practical tools and strategies to manage them, including some powerful breathing techniques.

After lunch, you’ll get to do some more practical work to define your own values and get down to the nitty gritty of where your beliefs and biases come from and really challenge them through some fun and insightful exercises.

“The session covers a bunch of fundamentals for anyone at all who wants to know themselves a bit better, all informed by neuroscience and evidence-based practice,” says Nicole.

“The biggest takeaway is if you know more about how your thoughts and perceptions are formed and how they drive your behaviour, you realise you’ve actually got a little bit more control than you might have thought. That’s not to say things are always easy, but going deeper into what drives your reactions and understanding why some of your behaviours come about actually makes a big difference.”

Nicole says the sessions are suitable for anyone, and the tools can be applied to any part of your life, whether it’s personally, at work, or with friends and family.

“Even dealing with stress and anxiety, it’s much more of an internal process than people think. So no matter what comes your way in day-to-day life, it’s actually your thoughts and thinking which exacerbate stress and anxiety. It happens so quickly that it can seem like the switch is external, but it’s not. By learning about the process, you’re able to understand your thought patterns, and why you think and react the way you do,” says Nicole.

“The seminar is really for anyone who wants to know themselves better, and then understand others. And then in turn those practices and tools and understanding help you relate better to people across all spheres of your life if you put them into practice.”


What: The Clarity Seminar
When: Thursday 15 April from 9 am-5 pm
Where: Federal Golf Club, Gowrie Dr, Red Hill
Tickets: $345 which includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, plus coffee and tea all day.
Website: For information and tickets visit, call 0422 716 507 or email


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