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Boo-yah! How to have a COVID-safe Halloween

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In recent years Halloween has soared in popularity in Canberra.

Last year alone saw streets filled with crowds of kids and adults alike jumping on board the trick or treat train.

But what will it look like this year, given the COVID-19 pandemic? Luckily, trick or treating is not cancelled and you can still have a boo-tiful Halloween.

Here are a few ways to stay COVID safe thanks to ACT Health… 

  • Don’t be a jerk-o-lantern—avoid trick or treating or handing out treats if you are feeling unwell
  • #Squadghouls! Go trick or treating with people you know

  • Remember physical distancing—keep at least 1.5 metres away from other trick or treating groups and from people who are not known to you, and if a particular house looks busy, stay away or come back later
  • Creep it clean: remember your COVID hand and respiratory hygiene, and avoid touching too many treats. A handy idea might be to bring your own tongs or spoon to scoop!
  • Keep a bottle of sanitiser handy and sanitise your hands after touching door knockers … or pumpkins … or spiders and other creepy-crawly Halloween decorations
  • Witch, please. Take personal responsibility for your own—and your children’s—safety
  • Keep the handling of treats to a minimum and consider individually wrapped treat bags. Enjoy gobblin’ up your Halloween treats!

For those who don’t feel comfortable door knocking but still want to celebrate Halloween, here are a few alternative ideas

Gather a group of friends and set up decorated stalls in a backyard so their kids can visit each stall to ‘trick or treat’.

Try an Easter-style Halloween hunt for treats in a specific location.

Pull out all the stops decorating in and outside your home, just for the fun of it. Hang spiderwebs and lights, decorate or carve multiple pumpkins—you could even have a family contest and ask neighbours to vote on their favourites.

Grab some popcorn and host a movie scare-athon, complete with your favourite spooky flicks.

For those who don’t feel comfortable being door knocked

If your neighbourhood doesn’t already have a system for letting trick or treaters know you want to be part of Halloween, put a friendly notice on your front door asking trick or treaters not to knock.

Witch-ing you a Happy Halloween!

Despite the encouraging position of the ACT, the situation could change quickly, both in the ACT and in our neighbouring jurisdictions, before Halloween. 

If so, new health advice may restrict gatherings of people and therefore affect trick or treating.


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