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BrickExpo: a million pieces of fun

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Not the heavy ones you lay with mortar, but the colourful ones you snap together.

Lego originated from the Danish phrase Leg godt, which means, “play well”.

Whether you were the child who constructed the perfect assemblage of packaged Lego, taking time to ensure the pieces were never mixed up or you had ice cream buckets full of colourful chaos we’ve all played with Lego in some sense. There were the engineers; ensuring all pieces adhered to safety standards for a NASA launch, the imaginative little tinkers making brick houses that could fly and the rookies, happy to join two blocks together with some wheels and call it a space shuttle.

Whatever type of Lego kid you were it gave hours of enjoyment that helped build hand-eye coordination, object manipulation skills, and creativity without plugging in to electronics.

This weekend is your chance to see some of the coolest Lego creations in the world. At this weekend’s Brick Expo, visitors can expect trains, robots, an enormous Star Wars display and a wide range of creative scenes in all colours. Members of the 501st Squadron will also attend throughout the weekend in Star Wars™ costumes.

Mel Bezear, media organiser for the BrickExpo, says the event’s sixth consecutive year is one not to be missed.

“There will be more than 100 exhibits, ranging in size from a few hundred bricks to 165,000 bricks. Although kids typically love seeing the creations, the BrickExpo isn’t just for them. We have a strong adult community for Lego.”

“Some of the exhibits are made in a week but the more complex and larger exhibits take up to a few months,” reveals Mel.

“The largest piece consists of 165, 000 bricks. All in all there will be totals reaching one million bricks. I think one of the coolest things about Lego is you can still connect a piece from 1958 to a piece now.”

Last year 13,500 people visited the Brick Expo and this year ticket sales are being limited to ensure maximum comfort of attendees. It’s a great way to spend some quality time with your kids and maybe even inspire a new hobby aside from iPads and video games

Designed as a not-for-profit, your money will be going a long way to assist major charity PatCH (Pediatrics at the Canberra Hospital) in the purchase of much needed medical equipment. Last year, the BrickExpo donated $70,000 to PatCH so you’ll be happy to know your tickey money is going towards a good cause.

the essentials

What: The Brick Expo
When: August 29 & 30 from 8.30am to 4pm (guests need to book a time slot)
Where: Hellenic Club Woden
Web: www.brickexpo.com.au
How much: Prices range from $6 for a child to $30 for a family of four.
Tickets: TryBooking

Images courtesy of Aaron Clarke  

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