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DKSN Fusion: Dumplings + DJ + Lion Dances

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Big changes are transforming Dickson into the city’s second CBD. DKSN, its exciting new precinct comes alive this weekend.

It’s shaping up to be the city’s next hotspot, and this weekend you’ll get a taste of what’s to come as prosperity and good luck are bestowed onto the site of Canberra’s most exciting new precinct, DKSN.

To celebrate Chinese New Year, DKSN’s FUSION event is serving up everything from dumplings to non-alcoholic Sabi shots, Lion Dances and live music—a celebration reflective of DKSN’s plans to take Dickson’s long-standing reputation as a cultural melting pot to a whole new level.

Sabi shots—little bubbles of goodness—will be on offer this weekend.

Saturday’s street party will serve up free dumplings and Sabi shots against the background of beats by DJ Rawson. And, as one of the most important Chinese New Year traditions for bringing good fortune and happiness, two Lion Dances will bring Cape Street to life. In addition to the beating drums, clashing cymbals and demonstrations of martial arts agility, a formal blessing will also take place.

The celebrations will continue on Sunday morning, with free coffee, Pig Cookie giveaways, an acoustic performance by Nick Rigby and iceblocks for the kids.

FUSION aims to give Canberrans a preview of what’s in store as Dickson is reborn into a buzzing centre for work, food and play. As Emma Macdonald recently revealed, the new $225 million DKSN joint development by the Doma Group and Englobo, announced late last year, will anchor the transformation.

“Our vision for DKSN is to inject new vitality and life into this already much-loved area,” explains John Susa, Director of Englobo, Joint Venture Partner with the Doma Group.

“With an exciting blend of retail, residential apartments, state-of- the-art office space and North Canberra’s largest transport hub, DKSN will be home to over 450 residents, 2500 office workers and 15,000 daily commuters. It will essentially become Canberra’s second CBD.

“This event, and the significant participation of the local community, represents much of what we hope to achieve.”

DKSN will not only include 300 residential apartments on the site of the former Motor Vehicle registry, but promises everything from a 90-place childcare centre, medical centre, gym, gastropub, shops, mini-mart, and a cosmopolitan, Melbourne laneway-inspired Eat Street which is drawing the interest of some of the city’s hottest hospitality names.

We’re talking a food precinct which will boast more than 20 new cafés and restaurants—it’s not hard to see why it’s already being touted as the “new Braddon”.

John Susa believes light rail will redefine Dickson and lead its evolution into a vibrant suburb teeming with creatives and foodies.

“This is a legacy project that will see us helping create a new city centre of activity,” he said.

“It really will be a massive transformation.”

According to Doma’s managing director Jure Domazet, “people make every development a successful one”.

FUSION is your chance to become part of that process, and see first-hand how DKSN has been designed to enhance and add to Dickson’s food, culture and experience. Prospective buyers will also be able to “Eat Like A Pig” with vouchers to Jimmy’s, Highroad and Ducks Nuts up for grabs.

Don’t miss the chance to (literally) taste what’s to come.

What’s happening at DKSN Fusion

Saturday 23 February – 3pm – 7pm

Free non-alcoholic Sabi Shots

Free dumpling giveaways

DJ set by DJ Rawson

Lion Dance and Blessings—there will be two performances at 4pm and 6pm by Canberra Prosperous Mountain Lion Dance

Sunday 24 February – 10am – 1pm

Free Coffee

Free Pig Cookie giveaways

Acoustic performance by Nick Rigby

Free iceblocks for the kids.

DKSN Fusion is happening this weekend at the DKSN Display Suite, 76/2 Cape St, Dickson. Find out more at

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