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Dream it, create it: The Makers Hub

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“I’m really passionate about getting people to make stuff with their hands, even if they label themselves as uncreative” says Mikaela Danvers, founder of The Makers Hub.

An avid creative since she was a toddler, Mikaela wants to share her passion with you. Whether you consider yourself creative or not, Mikaela wants to help you realise that you have the ability to build, design and create and reap the benefits of it too. “I’m a teacher at heart, I always want to share the knowledge I have, I can’t help it!”


Kids parties at The Makers Hub

Mikaela is an enthusiastic mum of two who loves sport and feels at home near the ocean. Driven by a love of creativity, a desire to help people and share her knowledge; Mikaela started The Makers Hub to introduce people to the creative world.

“Having a background in design and teaching, this was the best way for me to be able to teach people how to be creative, to help them realise they can make things and that it’s so satisfying, and good for your mental health” says Mikaela.

Creative supplies at The Makers Hub

Creative supplies at The Makers Hub

Life can get busy and it’s easy to fall into a routine that doesn’t include a creative outlet. For most, we are quick to discredit the value of being creative and the relief it can bring to our lives. Many people find creativity a relaxing and reflective experience. Using your hands and mind in sync with each other with no limitations provides a feeling of freedom.

The Makers Hub is a space located in Macquarie that offers a range of packages for parties and workshops, for both children and adults. While many people may think that creative parties are more geared towards children, they are actually very beneficial to adults too.

The Makers Hub

The Makers Hub

Being creative with other people is a great way to bond, through sharing ideas, feedback and even the sense of connection that comes from creating the same thing simultaneously. Creative workshops can be a powerful team building activity for work groups and a fun social experience for friends or strangers.

Creativity is also important for children. While many people may think you’re either born with creativity or you’re not, it’s actually a skill that can be learnt. Creativity encourages cognitive thinking, communication and problem solving skills amongst others. The Makers Hub parties are a great way to encourage children’s creativity in a fun and guided environment.

Adult workshops and parties at The Makers Hub

Adult workshops and parties at The Makers Hub

The Makers Hub packages are customisable and offer everything from making flower crowns and sun catchers to bath salts and ceramics. Whether you’re a first time creative or a seasoned artist, there’s a package to suit your needs.

Party packages are split in half, with the first half dedicated to creating and the second half providing room hire for games, food or activities. The Makers Hub parties are great for birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, family reunions and team building. The Makers Hub also provides the option of supplying decorations for themed parties and invitations, making your party planning easy and stress free. 

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What: The Makers Hub, a space for creative learning and creating through workshops, parties, team building and more
Where: Wiseman Street, Macquarie (right next to Jamison Shopping Centre)
When: The Makers Hub can be booked to suit your needs
Contact: (02) 6161 6514 or on their website: themakershub.com

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