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What will your children remember about the school holidays?

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Many of us remember the school holidays we spent as children. Carefree days with friends. Having fun. Making memories.

School holidays are a time to create happy memories for children. And we want them to feel safe, confident and supported. Communities@Work’s school holidays are focused on creating extraordinary experiences for children.

Alexia’s son, for instance, regularly attends the Communities@Work School Holiday Program at Mt Rogers Primary School in Melba and is always very excited to head along each time school holidays roll around.

As a full-time worker, Alexia says it’s a huge relief knowing there’s not only somewhere that she feels comfortable leaving her son but that he looks forward to going to.

“For him, it’s almost like he’s having these full playdates with a bunch of his friends. And as a kid, that’s what you want to do. You want to spend the day hanging out with your friends, and that’s what he’s getting to do,” she says.

Alexia’s son also attends out of school hours care (before and after school care) with Communities@Work and has developed a strong relationship with the educators in the service.

“A lot of the educators have been around the entire time he has been there, so he has really good relationships with them, and honestly, they’re amazing!” says Alexia.

“They have a genuine interest in the relationships that they have with the children, and I know that my son is going to be looked after and cared for.”

Fellow mum Katie also believes it’s the staff that really set Communities@Work’s School Holiday Programs apart.

“The educators really get involved in the activities with the children, like doing craft activities together or putting on some dance videos for everyone to dance to,” says Katie.

“So my son isn’t worried when he gets there; he’s at ease with the educators. And knowing the children feel secure and happy when they get dropped off is probably one of the best parts.”

Katie is so satisfied with the service provided by Communities@Work that she sends her Year One son to the organisation’s school holiday program at Isabella Plains Early Childhood Service as well as their before and after school care, and sends his younger brother to one of their Early Education and Care Centres.

Communities@Work’s School Holiday Programs provide new activities every day for the children, from fun excursions to external locations to incursions where activity providers visit the services. Katie says her son loves that there’s always something different to do.

“The trips to the movies are the big hit, and he really enjoyed when you could bring your bike in for the day and when you could wear your pyjamas,” she says.

Trip to the Yarralumla Play Station with Communities@Work School Holiday Programs.

Mum-of-two Jen, who sends her children to the Fadden School Holiday Program, says the program is an absolute saviour for her family.

She says her relationship with the educators is stress-free and flexible with meeting her family’s needs. And at the end of the day, the biggest plus is that the children are happy.

“They always can’t wait to go, which is a good indicator of the service that’s being provided,” she says.

“And there’s always something different to do as well. If we had them home throughout the whole school holidays, they’d be pretty bored because we can’t keep up with that kind of activity. So they’re obviously very happy, and that makes me happy.”

Active Play at Communities@Work School Holiday Programs.

Jen says that by sending her children to the Communities@Work School Holiday Program, the family is able to save their leave for big family holidays altogether.

“If we could vote, I’d give them 10 out of 10, just because it means that my husband and I don’t have to take all of our leave each year in school holidays. And we know that the kids definitely want to go each holidays,” she says.

“This way, we can each just take a couple of days of leave so we can balance it out and have a holiday later in the year as a family.”

With 12 locations across Canberra for children in preschool through to Year Six, Communities@Work’s school holiday programs focus on fun, with a new adventure every day.

With highly skilled and passionate educators, hassle-free communication, diverse activities, and great value for money—it’s the perfect way to create lifelong holiday memories for children.


What: Communities@Work’s School Holiday Programs for July 2021 are now open for bookings
When: The programs run from 7.30 am to 6 pm on weekdays during the school holidays
Where: The School Holiday Programs run at 12 locations across Canberra
Website: For more information and to enrol your child, find out more here


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