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10 foods not to miss at the Multicultural Festival

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The National Multicultural Festival – a melting pot of international gastronomical treats.

With so many delicious options it’s hard to know where to start. The Multicultural Festival offers everything from sweet to savoury and all things in between. Whether you want to start your day with an entrée and end it with dessert or you want to taste test everything there is to offer, we’ve compiled a list of the foods you can’t leave without trying.

Dutch Pancakes                                        


These lovely little morsels (real name: poffertjes) are a Multicultural Festival tradition; one can’t simply attend without trying them. Ask any Canberran what food they’ll be eating at the festival and nine out of 10 will yell “DUTCH PANKCAKES!” at you before you’ve finished the sentence.

An addictive Dutch treat they are light and fluffy with a delightful springy texture and sweet toppings. Grab a snack on the way because the line will be long…long and worth it.



The festival has a big offering of dumplings from Europe to Asia. If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favour and try Polish Pierogies, which are potato and sour cream dumplings. You’ll love them. The Chinese dumplings are also a must have.

Spanish Paella


Take yourself on a beautiful journey to Spain this weekend with a taste of Spanish Paella. A classic rice dish, which often comes with meat, seafood or vegetables or combination of all three, it is best washed down with a glass of Spanish Sangria. Look for the giant paellera (paella pan)- it’s hard to miss!


shutterstock_282467483 (1)

No Multicultural Festival is complete without sampling a multitude of sausages from across the globe. From Germany to South Africa and over to America for their classic hotdogs, grab a group of friends so you can taste as many as you can fit in! Make sure to try the German Kransky.

German Beer


For those over 18 years, the expansive selection of cultural beers is a big drawcard for the Multicultural Festival. Be sure to grab a German Beer to wash down your German Kransky.



The Greek stalls have many delicious foods to offer. One thing you must try is the Loukoumades: deliciously sweet, golden balls of deep fried dough drizzled with honey. How could you say no…?



A mouthwatering pastry that hails from Turkey but can be found in many forms across Eastern Europe, Burek is made from stretched pastry, which is filled with meats, spinach and cheese or sweet filings. Get two, because you won’t want to stop at one.

Ethiopian Lentils


Try something new this at this Multicultural Festival and check out the Ethiopian lentils, full of flavour and exotics spices, this is definitely a dish that should be on your list.

Kottu Roti


A traditional street food from Sri Lanka, Kottu Roti is a mix of chopped roti, which is usually mixed with vegetables, meat and egg. It’s utterly delicious.

Food on a stick


The Multicultural Festival is fondly known to locals as International Food on a Stick Day. There’s chip on a stick, satay on a stick, bbq on a stick, sausage on a stick…there was even pickle on a stick one year. Grab yourself something skewered and wash it down with a local brew.

What can’t you wait to eat this weekend?

the essentials

What: National Multicultural Festival
When: 4pm Friday 12 to 6pm Sunday 14 February 2016
Where: Canberra City
Web: multiculturalfestival.com.au

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