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What not to miss at The Canberra Region Truffle Festival 2021

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Canberra winters are certainly not for the faint-hearted. But unlike some of us, what does thrive in the cool climate are our regional truffles.

These mysterious fungi have been invisibly cultivating in our region, becoming the rare and aromatic ‘black diamonds’ prized by chefs and foodies alike.

As we brace the cooler climate we can at least look forward to indulging this unique winter experience, especially now that The Canberra Region Truffle Festival has rolled into town.

A collection of events across three months, the Festival is your chance to get up close and personal with this valuable funghi.

The Truffle Festival’s Erica Green says the Australian truffle industry has grown rapidly over the years—and Canberra has embraced it with open arms.

“The Canberra Region Truffle Festival has been successfully operating since 2009, when truffle growing in Australia was only just emerging as an experimental industry.”

“Over the years, truffle-inspired events and menus have cropped up all over the city. Canberra has embraced this unique ingredient with [an] inventive flare that is the hallmark of our regions. From chestnut and truffle cappuccino at Le Tres Bon to truffled Silverback beer at BentSpoke, truffle offers something to complement every palette’s preference.”

Truffles are a luxury few places in the world can grow and harvest and truffles from the Canberra region are especially prized—if we do say so ourselves.

Across the festival, local farmers and chefs will open their doors to those who would like to immerse themselves in everything truffle related in an inclusive and approachable way.

“The festival offers the opportunity for industry across the city to collaborate with growers, the food industry and the public,” explains Erica. “What makes the Canberra truffle experience so unique from anywhere else is that it’s friendly and caters to everyone”.

Across masterclasses, tours and hunts, Canberra region growers will demystify the truffle, showing us the magic and work behind the earthy flavours that enhance our favourite foods.

“From hunts for the whole family to free tastings in Westfield, the Canberra truffle experience is inclusive,” says Erica. “It’s delivered by hard-working, friendly and passionate farmers, who love their product and want more people to know about the serious deliciousness and many applications of the truffle for breakfast, lunch and tea”.

Follow truffle dogs on a hunting expedition and learn from the experts how to harness the versatile ingredient to bring out the most in your cooking at Turalla Truffles’ hunt and degustation, or for those who prefer to sit back and relax, you can simply enjoy the aromatic flavours prepared by skilled hands at a three-course truffle luncheon Macenmist Black Truffles & Wines in Bredbo.

“It’s the ultimate farm to fork experience,” says Erica. “From nurturing the environment where the truffles grow, waiting for the frosty Canberra mornings for the truffles to mature, to then harnessing the nose of truffle dogs to sniff them out… the long anticipation is part of the magic of the earthy taste of this beautiful ingredient.”

For those who are intrigued by the elusive truffle, The Canberra Region Truffle Festival is not an opportunity to be missed. As Erica puts it, “it’s all of the truffle, without the kerfuffle”.

See trufflefestival.com.au for more information.

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