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Review: Henry’s Family Restaurant

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Eating out with kids. Sometimes it’s family bliss, other times it’s an absolute nightmare. “Sit still.” “Use your inside voice.” “Stop fighting with your sister.” “Lean over your plate.” “Please stop trying to drink my cider.”

Eating out is one of my most favourite things to do but there have been many occasions over the past six years when we’ve left a restaurant, cafe or club completely regretting that we just spent tones of money on an opportunity to parent our children in public. Not this time.

Henry’s Family Restaurant at The Southern Cross Club Woden is perfect for families.


The place was packed and busting when we arrived. Full of families, extended families, birthday parties and anniversaries. We had to wait a little for a table, which is usually disastrous when you have a starving five year-old boy at 6pm; however, not when there’s a clown. Yes, a clown. Milo, to be precise.


This guy juggled, unicycled, delivered really bad jokes, fell over himself all the time but managed to hold a bunch of kids absolutely captivated for a good 25 minutes. We had to pull our kids away away so we could go sit down and order dinner. They wanted to follow him around the restaurant.



While we waited for dinner to come, a playground, old school video arcade and an extremely talented face-painter kept the kids more than occupied. After a lovely little chat to the talented lady who painted a rainbow leopard of my daughter’s face, I learned that face-painting was a Friday night regular. My kids love a good face paint – they were so excited and couldn’t believe that we’d never taken them to Henry’s before. It’s like we’ve been purposely depriving them!

The food was a nice mix of your regular ‘club’ style meals with the bonus extra of a salad bar. I love salad bars. You can boost your nutrition by adding vegetables to your meal. I like vegetables, especially ‘customisable’ vegetables. Henry’s salad bar was fresh, clean and had a good variety of cooked and raw vegetables to add to your meal.


I ordered grilled atlantic salmon and Brad chose surf ’n’ turf. The kid’s each choose battered fish and chips. It was all really great. The kid’s meals came with salad, which I totally appreciated, and they gobbled it all up as fast as they could so they could get back to playing. It was amazing how much uninterrupted conversion Brad and I had that night!

I’m already planning our next visit. I’m going to wrangle up the entire extended family so we can have one of those epic times of everyone enjoying their food, chatting and just having a relaxing Friday evening at the club.

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The essentials

What: Henry’s Family Restaurant
Where: The Southern Cross Club, Woden
When: Lunch 12pm-2pm; Dinner 6pm-9pm 7 days a week.
Phone: (02) 6283 7200

The author and her family dined courtesy of Henry’s Family Restaurant. 

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