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Five reasons your business should consider supporting a charity this Christmas

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If you’re a business owner (or anyone at all for that matter), you’re probably thinking: how are we already at the end of the year?

How do we have so few working weeks left in 2021? Why are Mariah Carey and Michael Buble’s Christmas classics already ear-worming their way into my brain?

Whether you like it or not, the festive season is upon us. It’s a time for giving, and as well as treating your loved ones and clients, it’s also the perfect time to do what you can to support the community that supports you.

Canberra’s largest not-for-profit organisation Communities@Work, who support the local community year-round, is running their Christmas Appeal again. Last Christmas, they assisted over 1,100 struggling Canberrans by providing donated food and gifts through their ‘Christmas Cave’ to ensure that everyone in need got something to make their Christmas special.

This year, with COVID-19 restrictions, they expect the need for donations to be greater than usual, and that’s likely the case for many charities. So they’re inviting individuals and businesses to help out where they can.

As if spreading joy and goodwill isn’t reason enough, here are five reasons your business should consider supporting a charity this Christmas:

It can bring people together

Research has repeatedly shown that doing good and helping others makes you feel great. When you support a charity as a team at work, it can boost employee morale, bring everyone together, and just generally build a positive team culture.

It can reduce your tax bill

That’s right, supporting a local charity through a financial donation can reduce your tax bill. Just like individuals can claim any donation they make over $2 to an eligible charity or deductible gift recipient (DGF), so too can businesses.

The total of your eligible donations will be subtracted from your taxable income, ultimately decreasing your tax bill for that financial year. Keep records of all the tax-deductible gifts and contributions you make for tax time, and chat to your accountant to find out more about claiming your deduction.

Particularly important this year, financial donations can easily be made virtually, meaning they’re completely non-contact and COVID-safe. All financial donations to Communities@Work will be used to buy food and gifts for struggling families to support them during Christmas.

 It can actually help promote your business

 Supporting charities can be a way to help increase your brand awareness and visibility. Often when you donate, you’ll get something in return, such as your logo placed somewhere highly visible, or your company name mentioned in the charity’s list of supporters

When you donate to Communities@Work for example, they give businesses a shoutout on their social media, website, and even in print sometimes, and put your name and brand in front of their community. This not only gets your name out there, but can also improve your reputation as a corporate citizen. It shows you care about the community and that you are doing your bit to do good.

It delivers on your social responsibility

Your company values or mission might talk about how you’re committed to doing good in the community. Well, now it’s time to put that into action and walk the walk.

While they may seem small to you, your donations can make a huge difference and create a positive ripple effect for those who need it.

It’s just generally a great thing to do

Supporting a charity around this time of year means you are bringing joy to people experiencing hardship by helping them ensure they have food on their tables and gifts to give during the festive season. On top of helping others, won’t it feel great knowing you’ve played a role?

Communities@Work has several ways both individuals and businesses can help out this season through their Christmas Appeal, including donations of gifts, food, or money.

“A diverse range of groups host Giving Trees to support Communities@Work’s Christmas Appeal every year. We’re very proud to see the community spirit across businesses, workplaces, and local communities. And of course, we’re extremely proud that different arms of Communities@Work, from our early childhood centres to our OSHC services, all band together to support the organisation’s Christmas Appeal and help the community,” says Ruth Zanker, Director for Social Programs & Volunteering at Communities@Work.

“And timing is everything. The sooner Communities@Work receives the donations, it ensures we’re able to meet demand – supporting people throughout December and taking some of the anxiety off celebrating Christmas.”

You can support Communities@Work’s Christmas Appeal 2021 by hosting a virtual or traditional Giving Tree. Find out more at


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