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How do you like your tree?

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When I was growing up, the formula for decorating the Christmas tree was a simple one – go crazy on the baubles,  the more colour the better, and loads of tinsel was a given.

Enter the Instagram era and so much has changed. We now have Art Deco trees with delicate neutral wooden ornaments, luxe silver trinkets expertly spaced, and no tinsel to be seen.

But after a chat, it seems our office is divided when it comes to Christmas tree decorations.

Our production manager Belinda Neame thinks red and green shouldn’t ever be seen (too overdone), both tinsel and baubles should be banned for life (way too tacky), and if you bring out a colourful bonbon it’s a safe bet she’ll whack you in the face with it. Bee actually admits she had a panic attack when she was asked to use baubles at a recent floral arranging course. This Christmas decorating business is serious, people.

Belinda’s Christmas arrangement. Ps this isn’t her actual tree. Photo: Tim Bean Photography.

This year our ACTIVE Editor Ashleigh put her tree up in mid November, to get the most out of Christmas. Having grown up traveling a lot, over the years her family have had a picture Christmas tree hung up in the hotel shower, one drawn on butcher’s paper stuck to cardboard boxes… far from the traditional tree ritual. She’s a baubles girl and her favourites are a glittery pickle and a hanging sloth.


Our head chick Amanda didn’t even feign interest in tree decorating this year, giving her girls free reign. The result? A tree with two types of lights, about a dozen different, tinsels in different colours, and baubles collected from here, there and everywhere. She suspects Belinda will need to have therapy after seeing the photo of it.

Amanda’s tree.

Meanwhile, Online Editor Beatrice is impartial to some bauble action but always gets into a shouting match with her youngest sister each year over whether tinsel will be allowed in the house. We’ll give you three guesses as to who wins that one. 

Beatrice’s Christmas tree. The perfect balance of baubles and heaaaaps of Christmas lights hidden underneath.

Me? I’m OCD with spacing, and think simplicity is key, but I don’t mind a pretty gold bauble (don’t hold it against me, Bee!)

I say simple, others say boring. In all honesty I was too lazy to put much effort into it this year with 10 month old trying to eat the decorations!

Associate Editor Emma Macdonald has an aversion to glitter but an overriding commitment to her two children, who, since their pre-school days have brought home most of the Christmas decorations that adorn their tree. While Emma secretly pines for a minimalist wooden tree frame upon which she could hang a simple assortment of silver and white accessories, she is stuck with a faux pine which is so stacked with ornaments it tends to shed them every time someone walks too close. It also sheds glitter all over the floor…But Emma is learning to let it go…

Meanwhile our Graphic Designer Katie is a self-described Grinch and has opted for no tree at all this year.

Where do you guys sit on the Christmas tree spectrum?

Do you agree tinsel should be banned for good, or think it’s going to make a comeback? Post your Christmas tree photos on Facebook or in the comments below!

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Maddie says: 20 December, 2017 at 3:17 pm

I’m a big tree fan, and my favourite colour is red – so lots of red and glitter! I don’t do much with tinsel, though. Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with fairy lights. As many as possible.

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