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Lori Cicchini: Capturing the world’s attention

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With over 30 awards under her belt and photos featured in international magazines such as Italian Vogue, it’s hard to believe Lori Cicchini only graduated from her CIT photography course just two years ago.

The Ngunnawal resident and Creative Portrait and Fashion Photographer has quickly made a name for herself in the international photography industry; praised for her dramatic, compelling images.

Last month Lori hit the highlight of her career, winning two awards at the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) for the 2015 AIPP ACT Portrait Photographer of the Year and the 2015 AIPP ACT Illustrative Photographer of the Year, and also winning a third award for Capture‘s 2015 Australia’s Top Emerging Photographer – Editorial/ Fashion. She was also the first Australian photographer to gain the cover of Dark Beauty Magazine.

In June Lori’s work will feature in two exhibitions in Europe, with the details still “top secret”. But for now, you can discover her photography currently featured in a local exhibition, A Time and Place.

“To know that people will be looking at my work in both my hometown and all the way over the other side of the world is pretty incredible,” Lori says.

Photo: Lori Cicchini

Photo: Lori Cicchini

“I’ve been pretty emotional about it because I haven’t been a photographer for as long as people think, so I’m still sort of in shock. Particularly to win three awards within a month alone and to stand there amongst all these photographers I admired so much, I just had no words.”

Born in Canberra, Lori worked in the public service until she became pregnant with triplet sons.

“After the boys went to pre-school I decided to get into the property industry, as I had an interest in real estate and enjoyed working with people,” she says.

“I found it wasn’t for me though, I felt I needed to do something more creative.”

It was while she was on an overseas trip that her interest in photography emerged: frustrated that she couldn’t properly capture her experiences, she bought her first DSLR.

As soon as she had the camera in her hands, she says it felt like “coming home.”

“I was so happy to have found something I’m really passionate about, and now I can’t imagine doing anything else,” Lori says.

“I think what I love most about it is the ability to create something that you feel. It’s like I feel something and want to make it into something visual; telling a story through portraiture.”

Lori Cicchini. Photo: Ari Vlora

Lori Cicchini. Photo: Ari Vlora

Lori began working in portraiture and fashion, and later delved into fine art and nude portraiture.

She now says she rarely has a day off.

“There’s always something I’m doing, whether it’s editing or out shooting for a job, but I never complain because for me it doesn’t feel like work,” she says.

Though her work is often described as moody and provocative, Lori says she’s not a particularly “dark” person.

“I’m actually a very light, happy person, so I’m not sure why I lean more towards the darker images,” she says.

“A lot of the images I’ve been doing lately have been very light, very airy but still have a lot of impact, so I’m trying to go a bit out of my comfort zone.”


Photo: Lori Cicchini

Content with her career, Lori says she doesn’t try and think too far into the future.

“This year has been the most amazing year, so I don’t even want to think about what next year’s going to be, I don’t ever want my bubble to burst.”

For more information on Lori’s work visit: www.loriana.com.au

The essentials

What: A Time and Place
When: Open until 28 June 2015
Where: Manuka Arts Centre, Manuka
Web: www.facebook.com/events/948977968488470/

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