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A Network of Possibilities

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Many women seek opportunities to enlighten and broaden their career path.

Some choose professional development, some choose philanthropy and some choose to nourish their inner life through personal development.

Many do not seek traditional ways of achieving these goals and prefer instead to pursue projects that align closely with their personal values. Executive career coach Dr. Kim Vella understands these wants and needs, and has established a unique network of successful senior business leaders along these lines, which welcomes women from all parts of the workforce.

The Network of Possibility supports local business and professional women, empowering them to make social change, and uniting them to give back to our community,” explains Kim. “This is a group of like-minded women who support me and each other and help contribute to the refinement of ideas and activities in my quest to empower women to make social change and unite them in giving. These women empower, inspire and encourage me in ways I had not expected. I am truly blessed.”

From her professional experience, Kim had never been a great supporter of traditional networking as she could not find authenticity in members’ participation, preferring to form deeper and more meaningful relationships with smaller, more niche groups of people.

“When I work with people and teams in my executive coaching practice I emphasise the importance of building meaningful and sustainable professional relationships, and I sometimes have to work with clients to reframe the “networking” concept and any negative preconceptions they hold so people can develop their own networking practices in a way that is more aligned with their values,” she explains.

Through her work, Kim had developed a meaningful and systemic approach to assessing the value of the network.

“Effective communication, the contribution of new ideas and connections, potential interest to find more about yourself are the key criteria of a successful network,” she says. “It is also fundamental to be open for approaches outside the events and to find space for your own authentic voice. These criteria have really underpinned the creation of the Network of Possibility.”

Kim’s Network of Possibility was launched in early November last year, but already includes 45 members, with many more committed to joining in the new year.

“We have a great diversity of members from public, private and NGO sectors,” says Kim.

“Mainly women, but we also have some fabulous men who are committed to our goals and objectives. There are more from a range of professions and industries: academia, architecture, communications, construction, family safety, fashion and design, health and well-being, human resource management, law, media, philanthropy, professional services, social welfare, the arts, and the list goes on!”

The Network is a unique opportunity to help eliminate violence against women, children, parents and the elderly by raising much-needed funds for relevant not-for-profit organisations.

“The charities I hope would be interested in partnerships with the Network of Possibility are those that support women and children to live in violent-free environments, with loving and caring relationships, so they can achieve their dreams and contribute their unique talents to the world,” says Kim.

She encourages everyone to join the network and obtain free registered membership for attending the Network’s events.

“I would like to grow the network’s giving activities so that in future we might be able to support a local social entrepreneur and, through a bursary, foster their leadership and capacity to make a change in our community. We currently have plans to also launch the Network of Possibility in New Zealand and would like to see it grow in Australia and in our region.”

The next fantastic opportunity to join in the Network’s activities will be at the quarterly cocktail reception on Wednesday, 8 February 2017.

All guests will get a chance to hear a powerful story from the Founder of The Healthy Tradie Project, and TEDx speaker Pip Seldon. Attendees will also receive an exclusive copy of the new Network of Possibility logo designed by the national doodle for google competition by Ineka Voigt.

More information about Membership, click here. To purchase tickets to the cocktail reception, click here

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