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Four hen’s party cliches to stop and swap

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The idea of what a bachelorette party should be has changed significantly over the last few years.

Most people no longer want to make the bride feel silly and uncomfortable – instead we want to show off and celebrate what makes the bride and her hubby-to-be unique. With that in mind, here are Party in Canberra’s four things to re-consider for the next hen’s party…

Feathered and hot pink everything

It’s overdone and let’s face it, not every bride is a fan of hot pink! It’s time to let it go (that means you, Rhi Rhi).

Replacement option:

You’re there to celebrate the bride. Pick a theme that reflects her personality, decorate with her favourite colours, enjoy her favourite foods, include subtle nods to personal jokes and make it elegant.

Too many games

While games are a great way of helping guests get to know each other and create a more fun and friendly atmosphere on the wedding day, playing six games in two hours prevents people from having real conversations and creating their own fun.

Replacement option:

Organise a group activity you wouldn’t normally do. Your guests will make memories and get to know each other better by bonding over a new experience. There are so many options in Canberra – try painting, stand up paddle boarding, dancing, jewellery making, flower crown creation, self-defence classes, pole dancing, horse riding, burlesque… I could go on and on!

Bump and grind strippers

Not all guests are against having a stripper at a party, in fact some people want to press themselves firmly against them (tee hee!) There are however many guests who are not interested in having strippers there. The reasons for not having them are all personal and valid, including not wanting someone’s junk in their face, the expense, feeling like they’re cheating or seeing the same stripper for the fifth time.

Replacement option:

We still enjoy admiring an attractive male form, in the same way that we enjoy admiring an attractive female form (we’ve all got a celeb lady crush…or 20). Most guests are comfortable with nudity as long as there is clear, mutual respect between the performer and their audience. Try swapping a stripper for topless waiters or a life drawing class.

Swing shwongs

There is a strong tradition of making penis jokes at a bachelorette party, and while it’s good for a giggle, we don’t need to have a penis picture on everything. Besides, it’s not like the boys are carrying around vagina things at the bucks (though that might be because vaginas confuse them.)

Replacement option:

Ok, if you can’t bear to replace them, maybe have one or two for a giggle and then move on!

The bottom line

Planning the perfect bachelorette party is ultimately about creating a party that celebrates the bride and all things that make her unique. Focus on that and you can’t fail!

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