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10 things to ask the bride before the hen’s night

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Planning a bachelorette party can be tricky.

While you want your bride-to-be to have fun and to be surprised, you also want to make sure you are starting with the same expectations – after all, it is her party! To get you both on the same page, here is Party In Canberra’s perfect pre-party planning interview for the bride…

1. A day or a weekend?

“How much will you let me celebrate you?” is really what you’re asking. If you’re planning a five day extravaganza but the bride wants a quiet high tea for a few hours… well… let’s just say it’s easier to be on the same page from the beginning.

2. What dates work for you?

Setting the party date when she’s not available defeats the purpose. Make sure you get a few date options, just in case the rest of the bridesmaids have clashing events.

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3. Local or travel?

What’s that? You want the party to be in Canberra? Obviously! Of course, the bride may want a party somewhere else, but it’s important that you know that before you start planning.

4. Does she want to be involved in the organising or to be surprised?

If she wants to be involved, no problemo, but if she wants a surprise, make sure every guest knows to keep their pretty lips sealed about the adventures ahead.

5. Naughty? Nice? Or a bit of both?

Bride: “Hrrmm … no strippers or anything like that…”

Bridesmaid: *Gets out phone. Tells Channing Tatum that he’s no longer needed. Cries.*

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6. Any must haves?

If she wants her hair and makeup done and you haven’t provided that – look out!

7. Is anything off limits?

Speak now or forever hold your peace. Asking this at the beginning means that if you do something she considers off limits, you know you’ve given her the opportunity to voice concerns.

8. Can you send me the guest list, their emails addresses and mobile numbers?

You may need to ask this question many hundreds of times, so ask it early. The more notice your guests have, the more time they have to save money for the adventures and the fewer excuses they have for not attending. No guest list yet? Get her to at least provide the approximate number of guests to help with your planning process.

9. Which of the guests have young kids?

This question is often overlooked but completely changes how you should plan your event. If the majority of the guests are child free they probably have a higher disposable income. If the majority are mothers of little ones they may want to be able to get home to their little ones easily… but more likely they’ll want to drink and dance the night away and take advantage of a “night off.”

10. Do you have any questions for me?

Another “speak now or forever hold your peace” moment to make sure you are in the clear!

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