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Top five bachelorette party trends in Canberra

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Fashion trends change at a pace faster than most of us can keep up with. Bachelorette party trends, on the other hand, are slow to evolve.

This may be because we spend years thinking about what it will be like when it’s our turn to be the bride, and we want to experience all of those things that seem to us like a rite of passage.

Bride to be and bridemaids holding glass with champagne wearing white

Over the last few years, however, bachelorette party trends have changed quite quickly. This may just be due to the passage of time, but I’d say it has something to do with the strong allure of #PartyPlanningPorn on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. There are so many amazing and creative party planners out there, that it’s hard not to fall down the rabbit hole in search of party perfection.

Here are the big trends we recommend including at your party:

Beautiful Blooms

Decorating with blooms used to mean plonking some flowers in a vase, but now they are being used in every element of party decorating. Try including florals at your party by:

* Using them to decorate your cake;

* Wearing flower crowns or attending crown making classes;

* Creating biscuits (we link ginger bread) painted with icing to look like blooms;

* Decorating with large paper flowers;

* Using edible flower garnishes for meals; and

* Wearing floral print dresses.

The best thing about decorating with florals is that it’s an easy way create an elegant & styled look, without having to spend too much time crafting.

Carrot cake with pink glaze, beautiful flowers and edible silver as a decoration

Decorative Food

For me, decorative food is all about wonderful efficiency. You need to decorate, and you need to eat, so why not do both at once? When using food to decorate your event choose foods which match your party’s colour palette, and foods which link to the event’s theme. Think Thai food for a tropical party, macaroons and finger sandwiches for a relaxed and elegant event, and so on.

For those who would prefer to pay for catering, there are so many highly skilled creators of food porn (or ‘food artistry’ if you want it to sound fancier) in Canberra. I highly recommend checking out Party In Canberra‘s Catering page for inspiration.

beautiful sweetsBuffet with sweets


We too often get caught up in the 9-5 life and forget to make time to experience new things. There are exciting and new experiences for you and your bride tribe hidden behind every corner in Canberra – you’ve just got to know where to look.

The easiest way to create a fun group activity is to find a class to take. Dance, make glass paperweights, learn self-defence, make terrariums, stand up paddle board, learn hoola hooping skills, practice life drawing, jump around on trampolines, create jewellery, ride horses. These ideas only scratch the surface of what is available to experience in Canberra. For more ideas go to Party In Canberra‘s Experience page and find the perfect fit for your bride tribe.

Full length view of a group of women in leotards practicing a dance routing together, seen from behind


After the big event, everyone wants to check out your pics. Make it easier for your poor hungover guests to figure out what they did the day before by creating a hashtag for your event. You can now search for a hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, creating huge time efficiencies for your bride tribe when trying to find each other’s photos.

Get creative with your hashtags! #ItsTooLateKate #SophieLurvesJames #KellysSoHawt #AreYouDrunkYetBec? Make sure you also use #PartyInCanberra so that we can see your fun party antics and others planning a party in Canberra can be inspired by your big night.

celebration, friends, bachelorette party, technology and holidays concept - happy women with champagne and smartphone taking selfie at night club

Show off the personality of the Bride

What does she love? What makes you and the other guests love her? What makes the relationship she has with the hubby so special and unique? Highlight these things in the styling, games, food and adventures you pick. You are there to celebrate an individual, so make sure the party is as beautiful and unique as the bride-to-be.

Wedding day moments series - Super excited, gorgeous, bride sitting on a couch, realizing how happy she feels about the upcoming events

Xo Jess

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