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Why writing a letter helps after your break up

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I was recently going over some of my journaling from the early days of my separation. 

At times, my head was all over the place and I can tell you, there was all the wishing, the hoping and the feelings that come with a break-up.

Looking back over the last few years and to where I am today really has proved that I am living the life I desired for myself during these days of journaling.

Reading over where I was emotionally was very therapeutic and healing. Sometimes it did feel raw, with moments of overwhelm, but all in all it was a very positive experience. It got me thinking perhaps I should write a letter to my future self and have it tucked away to read at a later date. With that, I came across a website FutureMe.org, which allows you to write a letter to your future self and choose when the letter is to be delivered via email at any date in the future to yourself.

The concept is useful because not only do I no longer need to find a safe spot for my future letter but I can write my letter and schedule it to be sent when I want it, which will then come as a nice surprise on the day.

I decided to write myself a letter to be delivered on my birthday in 2017. Writing this letter was cathartic. It gave me a chance to connect with myself and get real as to where I am now and where I want to be in the future.

So much has happened since my divorce and it is only proving to be more positive every day. By taking care of yourself and being self-aware after your break-up allows you to live a life true to your core self, even when some days seem harder than others.

Some questions to ask when writing a letter to yourself

What do I hope for this year? For myself, for my family, for my business or career? 

Who am I now and what dreams do I want to continue on with?

How are you feeling after your break-up?

What do you want?

What visions do you have for your future self?

Who are you wanting to be? 

What can you achieve? 

Writing your hopes, your dreams, your goals, the visions you have for your future becomes an empowering tool. And it doesn’t need to be years from now. It could possibly be next month, heck, next week if you need a little pep talk to yourself – a reminder that it will be ok.

Maybe today is the day you send yourself a letter to your future self.

Let your future self see how far you have really come since your break-up. It will show you where you were back then, and remind you of the past, and if it isn’t where you had hoped, that is ok, it’s about reminding yourself you are better than your break-up. That you are an amazing woman and life is truly precious. Your life.

Break-ups hurt, but you will get through it. Sometimes you have to just remind yourself what you have been through to only see where you are now.

Who are you, moving forward?

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